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Vena Amoris Jewerly

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Tesia Alexandra started designing and creating jewelry after being an engagement and wedding ring blogger. She had a thirst to not just look at other people's work, but to fully understand the process.

Vena Amoris stemmed from her fascination with the idea of the engagement ring throughout history. It's rumored the ancient Romans would give a string of hemp and tie it onto a lover’s finger as a remembrance. Puritans in the early colonial period of the United States customarily refused to wear jewelry based on the belief of it being ostentatious and frivolous, and would instead exchange a thimble at the time of betrothal. After the wedding, the thimble's cup was often cut off and the rim would be worn as a ring.

Her bespoke work is based on her love of art history. Her work is mainly influenced by Middle Ages and Renaissance religious art, and most of all by Mideast and Mediterranean jewelry. Vena’s style is romantic, bohemian and whimsical.

She has been recognized by Refinery 29, The Huffington Post, and Etsy many times over for her unique style, affordability and ethical jewelry.

Tesia resides Brooklyn, New York, with her dog, Boris.