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How we give back

TENZABELLE is the designer line of California-based artist and goldsmith, Savannah Hunter.  Inspired by myth, magic, and art from around the world the line draws together imagery from the cosmos, the Tarot, and ancient civilizations for a look that's both classic and current.  TENZABELLE jewelry is at once wild and elegant, delicate and empowering, meant to evoke a sense of strong, untamable feminine beauty that spans across all cultures and all eras.

As a trained goldsmith, Savannah designs the line with great attention to craftsmanship and durability.  Beyond creating timeless wearable treasures, TENZABELLE is part of the ethical jewelry and sustainable fashion movements.  All precious metals and stones are ethically-sourced and all pieces are produced following green studio practices. TENZABELLE jewelry is UNTAMABLE + SUSTAINABLE, a modern mix of edge and ethics.