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Ragga Wedding

How we give back

Ragga’Wedding is purposed in loving others and living life to the fullest. Using beautiful silks and darling details, we take pride in designing perfectly intricate accessories that make up your wedding day.

Let us help you design your dream wedding details & decor while creating heirlooms to enjoy for years to come through fabric florals. And the best part? You'll be giving back globally with each purchase from Ragga'Wedding.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that life is meant to be shared, so we aim to create products that bring people together.

Our company was born out of a pursuit to create a brand and a culture where people could come together and do what they love. Through ethically sourcing our goods, we are able to support artisans in Haiti through fair wages, traveling to grow friendships, train them in a craft, and continue to fill custom orders for brides all over the world.