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Restitch Studio

How we give back

Restitch Studio creates original gowns for original woman. Denise encourages the reuse and up-cycling of existing thrifted pieces, creating beauty out of someone’s “trash.” In her community she has connected with the Friends & Farmers Co-op to become a Local Loyalty partner, offering discounts to members on any apparel item they would like to repair, saving jackets with broken zippers, jeans with holes, etc. Additionally, in the spring she donates her time and services to the Prom Attire Event at Centre Prom. This is an event where people donate gently used formal wear for teenagers from financially struggling families, to wear to their prom. This is also a great way to reduce the impact of buying wear once/throw away gowns. “My giving has had a positive impact on my business because people who respect the environment, value my craft and my ability to save items to prevent further purchases. Word about Restitch Studio has traveled through those circles and people are excited to bring me both thrifted and heirloom finds to be remade into something that can be valued and loved once again.”