#givingTuesday …  A day when business owners, students, charities, families around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. You know we love giving back so this day is right up our alley!  Black Sheep Bride will be at the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa tomorrow from 10-12 decorating for the holiday season.  We’d love to see our local friends there!  Here are some ways YOU can give back tomorrow, too!

– collect canned goods from family and friends and donate to local soup kitchen

– take flowers and visit with people at a nursing home

– volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

– offer to help an elderly person or someone in need load their groceries

– walk dogs at an animal shelter

– make baked goods and deliver to neighbors

– take a widow to dinner

– donate to your favorite charity

– clean out your closet and donate to a shelter

– serve dinner at a homeless shelter

– read to a friend’s children so she can have a half hour to herself

We’d love to hear how you decide to give back on #givingTuesday. Be sure to tag @theblacksheepbride in your photos on Instagram tomorrow!


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