Engagements with Purpose- Ashley & Josh

Black Sheep Bride has this super mundo amazing squad of vendors in Michigan that make my heart so happy! Their hearts for helping others, amazing style and passion for couples and weddings is worthy of admiration!

Emily of EverPhoto recently photographed one of her fellow Black Sheep Bride Vendor – Friends, Ashley, of Ashley Paige Photography.

Ashley has big plans for her wedding and I just feel in love with her heart as she shared her vision for their Big Day! See what she has to say …

‘Wedding planning drastically changes when you are around weddings constantly. For me, my wedding ideas changed from completely traditional to uniquely different.  Josh and I knew we wanted a fun day, but we also didn’t want to get so wrapped up in traditions, rituals, and “things,” that we forgot why we were actually getting married.’


‘Three years ago I changed up my lifestyle to help the planet, and reduce as much suffering as possible – this altered my thought process for my wedding as well. I didn’t want to harm anything or kill more of Earth’s resources just to celebrate on a specific day. This led me to my wedding planning alterations.

All of Josh and I’s vendors include Black Sheep Bride vendors, vendors that simply give back to the earth, charities and local businesses within our community. My bridesmaids, Moms and Sister-in-laws gifts are all bracelets produced by a company that gives back to charities around the world (Pura Vida), My dress is actually my mothers being altered by local designers, the sweetest older ladies you will ever meet, Nimble Needles.’






‘Our wedding will be trash free for the most part – our plates are made from Sugar cane, and are compost able, we are giving the guests mason jars so that they can have one cup for the night to reduce the cost and trash of cups, our silverware is actually made of recyclable bamboo, and even our straws will be recyclable.

We aren’t having a cake but we are having vegan cupcakes. This is a major part of my life, so I wanted to make sure that I could eat these all night.. Im obsessed a bit. All crafts are recycled or used and redecorated. From wine bottles, to spaghetti jars, I am painting and crafting everything.’





‘Our florist will be a local florist in Bridgman, Michigan, and we will focus mostly on Baby’s breath flowers -since they are cheapest and easiest to grow, and hey, pretty cute too. I also love the way my mom is taking hold of this entire idea. She has so many connections with amazing local, craft individuals who want nothing more than to help out. From people making their own local popcorn and flavors, to our friend that is a DJ. From hiring friends to create wonderful snacks and food, to family donating coffee cups to create a unique look – I am completely excited about the date.’








But it’s not just marrying Josh that I am so excited about… I’m excited to show people that you can have a big party, while saving the Earth (or not destroying it), that you can help out 50 plus people, support their good businesses, and recycle, while enjoying a wonderful life event. We will be labeling all of our vendors and explaining why they are so amazing.’






‘I own my own photography business, as mentioned at the beginning. I am currently doing a project “shine bright” to really take a stand on society’s perception of beauty and focus on natural, beautiful woman – showing why each woman is beautiful. Really its a stand against the porn industry and the “sex” society we have become – because lets be real – every girl feels compared – and this project is to stand against those made up , ridiculous standards. So far, every model has been overwhelmed at how beautiful they feel after the shoot and when the images are released. It’s so .. so exciting.

I also have been teaching a few newbies at photography and let them hang out with me on occasional shoots to help them on their photo journey. My entire business is about promoting self confidence and beauty. This year I am also involving myself in a few Cancer events to help promote beauty and strength in those people as well. My cousin passed away a few years back to some hard cancer – and through it all  – her strength and beauty continued to shine- which really encouraged me to show that side of people through struggles.’
Photo Courtesy of EverPhoto – Thank you so much Emily!

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