5 Reasons to be Grateful for a Disaster Wedding

*Editor Note: It’s been exactly one week since Hurricane Matthew came through the Caribbean and coast lines of Florida, GA, and the Carolinas. This storm brought so much devastation, loss of life, property damage, demolished communities and ruined quite a few wedding plans, but one of our BSB vendors, Finny Hill Photography, used the unexpected natural landscape to bring beauty to the beastly circumstances. We reached out to Finny Hill to see if their couple would like to take a moment to tell us 5 reasons they were grateful for the way their unplanned BIG Day turned out, their responses couldn’t have melted our hearts bigger. Thank you to Stephanie and Joshua for sharing their gracious hearts with all of us.* 


Five reasons we are grateful to have gotten married during hurricane Matthew (in no particular order)

1. Appreciation for Community

When things fall apart, you have a choice; you can let them stay in a heap on the floor or you can pick them back up and keep trying. Through Hurricane Matthew trying to crash our wedding, we were able to see our community (people we don’t even know personally), dear friends, family, and insanely amazing photographers/vendors, rally together to make our wedding happen- no matter the circumstances. Talk about feeling loved.


2. Unity Through The Unexpected

Josh and I rarely shy away from a challenge; we are always eager to learn lessons and strengthen our bond. This was an opportunity for us to unite together and truly see what our relationship was made of. We stayed grounded and held each other up through the many hardships thrown our way.

finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_stephjosh-wedding_003 finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_stephjosh-wedding_015

3. Actively Choosing Happiness

We were able to confirm a belief we share, that we have the ability to choose happiness no matter the situation, which is exactly what we did. Even after our vendors, friends, and family cancelled on us, we kept choosing happiness.


4. Unique Story

No one will have a story like ours. Beginning our day by clearing our ceremony sight of fallen trees and debris, frantic phone calls to push the reception to Sunday, getting married without power (in what ended up being perfect weather) with only immediate family and our closest friends, partying by candlelight and dancing to the sounds played on a Bluetooth speaker. These moments are where the memories are made.


5. Back To The (Original)Basics

From the beginning, Josh and I secretly always wanted a small wedding. Because of the hurricane, our ceremony was the intimate gathering we had originally envisioned.

finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_stephjosh-wedding_004 finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_stephjosh-wedding_019

Final Thought

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. If that’s true then a hurricane must mean the whole universe believes in our marriage just as much as we do.

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Repeat Roses- Using Wedding Flowers to Give Back!

Black Sheep Bride was recently sought out by a super amazing podcaster (Kira Hug) in NYC, with Bridal Rebellion. The goal of Bridal Rebellion is to feature disruptive wedding industry leaders and how they are changing the industry for good. Not only are we extremely excited to be a part of their October line up, we were also excited to have founded Repeat Roses on BR’s website. Repeat Roses is a NYC/St.Augustine initiative, gaining great speed through donating leftover wedding day flowers to nursing homes, hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and the like, across the nation (thanks to their growing network of volunteers). I had the pleasure of grabbing lunch with Laura Parliament, partner of Repeat Roses, the other day in Jacksonville and I am so excited for the future of our business friendship! Check them out!

Interested in donating your Wedding Day flowers or volunteer to collect – Sign Up Here! 2014-09-25_0001

(Photos credit: Emily Clack Photography)

Fun Fact: The couple picking up the flowers in the top right  photos below (pinkish shirts), were the first volunteers to collect, and now their wedding day is right around the corner in October… Guess what they are doing with their flowers? Donating them to Repeat Roses!


Engagement Film with a Lot of TOM’S Love!


Its pretty amazing that couples are finding enough value in using their wedding budgets to give back that they would dedicate their entire wedding theme to TOM’S! Just imagine all the children they served through purchasing products that give back. Be on the look out for the full wedding showcase soon!

Special Thanks to Ashley and Todd Films in Northern Florida for sharing their beautiful story.

Dede & Kyle Engagement from Ashley and Todd on Vimeo.