Introducing the Largest Grown-in-the-United States Lab Created Diamond, by MiaDonna

Ethical Fashion gets even bigger!

Today we are excited to announce something huge! Ethical and eco-friendly jewelry company, MiaDonna, celebrates the announcement of a modern-day scientific breakthrough: The unveiling of the Largest Grown-in-the-USA Laboratory Diamond at 6.28 carats! Humanitarian Ambassador and Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, along with MiaDonna & Company and The Greener Diamond CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, launched the 6.28 carat laboratory-grown diamond at the company’s Portland, Oregon showroom along with a global initiative to give back to those negatively impacted by the blood diamond industry.

Five percent of all sales fund educational, mentoring and agricultural programs in diamond-mining communities with the goal of preventing blood diamond orphan-victims from living a life of poverty.



MiaDonna offers a large variety of conflict-free diamond engagement rings and accessories that make the perfect gift for this holiday season. Their lab-grown diamonds are not only socially conscious, they are also amazingly affordable–especially in comparison to earth mined diamonds! This 6.28ct, J-Color, VS2 clarity, cushion-cut diamond costs just $52,000 while an earth-mined equivalent can cost upwards of $100,000.


In lieu of this groundbreaking news, we feel it’s only right to share some of our favorite MiaDonna lab-grown diamond engagement rings… just in time for engagement season!

Hope Accented Engagement Ring | $4,247

Diamond Specifications: Round cut, 1.07ct, K color, SI1 clarity


Heroine Accented Engagement Ring | $6,276

Diamond Specifications: Pear cut, 1.20ct, I color, VS1 clarity


Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring | Cost: $4,910

Diamond Specifications: Oval cut, 1.0ct, G color, SI1 clarity


Grace Vintage Engagement Ring | Cost $2,151

Diamond Specifications: Round cut, 0.72ct, K color, SI1 clarity


Frost Engagement Ring | $1,903

Diamond Specifications: Princess cut, 0.50ct, H color, SI2 clarity


When you’re ready to find the ring of your dreams, visit and let your love be a part of the solution.

3 Gifts That Don’t Require Any Gift Wrapping and Give Back!

Sometimes you just have certain people (*cough, cough, my DAD, cough, cough*) on your Holiday Shopping Lists that are simply impossible to buy for. Why not go ALL IN this year and knock their socks off with a gift they weren’t expecting, but will appreciate greater than another obligatory coffee mug! Here are 3 awesome gift ideas that serve others and save you from paper cuts and gift wrap too!



1. Holidays, $25- $100

This holiday season, give a more meaningful gift. Purchase life-changing items for people in need and dedicate them to the people you love! From blankets for Syrian refugees to vaccinations for shelter pups, give hope, health and comfort to the people who gave them to you.




2. Tribute, $25-125

A Tribute is “ the most meaningful gift on Earth.” It is a video montage of friends and family sharing their gratitude for someone they want to celebrate. Tribute’s collaborative video technology makes it easy to invite friends, collect videos and compile the final video. To date, 80% of Tribute recipients have reported crying “Tears of Joy.” Seriously, that is an actual statistic we track! They also give back to the community with giving tributes to various non-profits throughout the year! 

You can almost think of it as a “eulogy for the living.”  A much better time to receive a eulogy, amirite?


The packages for building your own Tribute video for your loved ones range from $25-$125. Thanks to our friends at Tribute we have an awesome 25% off code for all Tribute packages (doesn’t include add-ons)! The code is “blacksheeprocks1231” !

Make your Tribute today! Visit them HERE to get started and don’t forget to add your ‘blacksheeprocks1231′ code to receive 25% off!


3. Basket of Hope, Heifer International, $50

The Hope Basket includes a gift of rabbits and a starter flock of chickens. The Hope Basket provides eggs and protein for nourishment, boosts income through sales of extra eggs and offspring, produces fertilizer for their crops, and passes on the gift to others, since livestock can multiple quickly.



And if you are looking for more Non-Profit Donation Suggestions, we’ve recently compiled a list with some of our favorite organizations (constantly growing), you can check it out—>>> HERE!


Deck The Halls with… these 10 Eco-Holiday-Goodies… Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La

The holiday season is upon us, friends, and what better way to get your dwelling Santa-Ready, than with these amazing eco-friendly, fair trade and artisan made holiday decorations! Here are our 10 top fav’s for decking the halls this season!



1. Caroline Creates- Geo Tree Gift Wrap (set of 3 rolls), $12


Take your packages up a notch with this unique eco-friendly Holiday gift wrap. This unique design features a modern geometric christmas tree. This gift wrap is perfect for wrapping presents, paper projects or scrapbooking.


2. Ten Thousand Villages – Bicycle Chain Menorah, $24


Authentic Fair Trade Product, made by Noah’s Ark Int’l Exports. Ethically sourced and Handcrafted in India.


3. Ornaments for Orphans- Jacaranda Nativity Set, $75 


Jacaranda Nativity carved in Rwanda. Wood with a mahogany stain. Nativity set includes 10 pieces: 3 wise men, 2 shepherds, 1 cow, 1 sheep, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.


4. Ten Thousand Villages – New Leaf Garland, $18.99


This adorable garland is green in more ways than one. Real recycled newspaper adds a fun texture to leaves that decorate any space for any occasion. Handcrafted by artisans from the Highland Women’s Multipurpose Co-op in the Philippines.


5. Trades of Hope – Noel Trio Ornaments, $28


This set of 3 ornaments is handmade with Haitian clay have been hand-dipped in metallic gold and white paint. These will make a great Holiday decoration or gift!


6. Raven and Lily: Classic Afghan Table Runner, $108


This amazing table runner has been screen printed and uniquely designed by the R&L partners in Pakistan. Use it all year round or for special occasions. This piece is empowering Afghan refugees to improve their livelihood.


7. Noonday Collection- Festive Paper Bead Garland, $36


Trim your tree with this bright garland strung with vibrant paper beads, made by artisans in Uganda. Each garland represents the beauty of opportunity for the Artisans who make it.


8. Paper Culture- 6 Forest Bamboo Christmas Ornaments, $34.99 (40% off at checkout)


These ornaments are all about the forest, not just because of the animal theme, but because they are made from sustainable bamboo, one of the most renewable resources in the world. On top of that, the packaging is made from recycled paper, and they offset the entire carbon footprint, and will plant a tree with every order placed.


9. Paper Culture- Cardboard Wreath, $31.99 (40% off at checkout)


Each section of the wreath is made by assembling snowflakes in a spiral that creates a unique, modern look for any home. These stylish wreaths are made from recycled paper, can be built in minutes and can be reused and stored flat for the next holiday season. Paper Culture even plants a tree with every order placed.

10. Paper Culture- 14inch Desktop Cardboard Christmas Tree, $19.99 (40% off at checkout)


Laser-cut on recycled cardboard, each branch of the tree is contructed from stylish snowflake shapes. Together, they create a modern Christmas tree that stands about 14 inches tall and is the perfect fit for any desk. You can even hang light paper ornaments form the branches. In the spirit of Christmas, they will plant a real tree with every order placed.


Happy shopping to you all! 


2016 Gifts That Give Series: Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to continue our 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout Mid December we will be sharing various product sponsored features devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment.
If your dream wedding gown or veil is vintage or heirloom and needs a little (or more) love, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists finds joy and fulfillment in restoring and restyling vintage gowns and veils for modern brides. They also love to use vintage fabrics and laces to create one-of-a-kind bridal accessories such as pendants, ring pillows, garters, and more.
unspecified-20 12698341_1531401030334746_7302933011528631809_o
From cleaning and preserving to vintage gown restoration and restyling, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists gives your treasured gown the care it deserves. GLWGS offer eco-friendly Museum Care Preservation Packages for brides who want to keep their gowns for the next generation and a Resale Package for brides who want to pass it on sooner by selling the gown.  They also understand the value of the sentiment on a wedding day and eco-mindedness and that is why they’ve built their studio and business around caring for wedding gowns in environmentally safe ways and encouraging brides to wear vintage or once-loved gowns whenever desired and possible.
They also locally offer Alterations Services on wedding gowns, formals, cocktail & special occasion dresses in the West Michigan area and offer Tuxedo Rentals, as well!
As a proud member of the Black Sheep Bride tribe, they enjoy collaborating with others and also regularly supporting ministries in their local area such as Lakeshore Pregnancy Center and Compassionate Heart Ministries (a faith-based drop-in program for teens and young adults with mild to moderate disabilities).  They also regularly support the global ministry of Compassion International.

Learn more about Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists at their website HERE or reach out to them by email at for more details and to talk about ideas and projects.

2016 Gifts That Give Series: True Moringa

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to continue our 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout Mid December we will be sharing various product sponsored features devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment.


Introducing True Moringa : Nature’s best kept secret – anti-aging, deeply nourishing moringa oil for natural skin and hair care. 100% vegan, paraben free and sulfate free.



True Moringa oil is cold-pressed using proprietary technologies developed to bring you the best natural beauty products for hair and skin that looks and feels youthful and beautiful. Lightweight and easily absorbed, True Moringa oil will not clog pores. Rich in unique moisturizing agents and high in antioxidants, True Moringa minimizes scars, stretch marks and signs of aging while replenishing essential fatty acids to the skin and preventing long term damage.


The True Moringa Story:

Kwami and Emily, Co-Founders of True Moringa, came from different backgrounds (MIT Aerospace and Harvard Economics) and both ended up at the right place, at the right time. They traveled to northern Ghana together with MIT’s D-Lab. There, they were united by a desire to take on the challenges smallholder farmers face daily without access to patient capital, quality inputs, technical training, or guaranteed markets.


While they were there they were introduced to what was known locally as “the miracle tree.” The tree thrives in arid climates. It helps the crops around it grown better. It can be intercropped with subsistence crops mitigating risk to farmers.

The leaves, with more vitamin A than carrots, more protein than eggs, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach have the potential to end malnutrition and provide a stable food source to farmers.


The oil seeds, rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizing agents produce one of nature’s finest cosmetic oils for hair and skin care.


The solution to poverty, malnutrition, and hunger was growing in their own backyards.


Putting their engineering and business acumen to work, they went back to Cambridge to devise a proprietary extraction system that could be brought closer to the farmers, adding value and jobs on the ground, and producing the highest quality natural oil nature has to offer.

Today they serve over 1,600 small farming families.

They have planted over 250,000 trees.

And they have increased farmer incomes by 10x.

The best part about purchasing from their awesome line of natural/vegan skin and hair care products is you even have the option to plant a tree in your name, or in the name of a loved one. These donated trees are added to their nucleus farm (which will soon be the largest organic certified moringa farm in Africa). This makes a great addition to your holiday beauty gift!




For more information about grabbing a True Moringa Gift Set for your special someone for the holidays, visit the True Moringa website HERE!