Let’s Be Fair Collaboration – Sneak Peek – Part 2

If you missed the Let’s Be Fair Part 1 shared on Monday featuring our friends at Let’s Be Fair most recent project… Have no fear- Part 2 is here… Let’s Be Fair is a thoughtful lifestyle and beauty blog based in Southern California.

They just recently launched an annual new feature series, Let’s Get Married, and we are so excited to provide a sneak peak to  each stage of the action!

We shared a little taste of what to expect from Part 1 on Monday and now we’ve received a few more amazing images to share for Part 2 today! Check out the full feature of Part 2 on Let’s Be Fair.


We are loving the featured Eileen Gown, from Celia Grace, selected for this shoot! Celia Grace is one our amazing BSB Vendors and is one of my favorite leading designer for Fair Trade Wedding Fashion.2015-02-25_0002

The dainty Notch Necklace adorning today’s gorgeous bride is courtesy of Bario Neal!  Bario Neal Jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, fair mined gold, ethically sourced stones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices.


And the beautiful Fair Trade Emerald Ring, courtesy of FTJCO.

Want to learn more about these amazing vendors and brands? Go for it!

The Eileen Wedding Dress by Celia Grace

Notch Necklace by Bario Neal 

Emerald Ring by FTJCO

Whole Trade Greenery by Whole Foods Markets

Photography by Kyle Ellis

Hair by Raquel Tosaya

Model- Sarah Rude

Art Direction by Let’s Be Fair




Hello new friends! I’m so excited to kick off a new Black Sheep Bride socially conscious small business series with you today. You’ll find me here each Tuesday as we unfold a range of topics that both enlighten and challenge your perspective on generosity within the wedding industry. But before we hit the ground running, we’re in need of a quick introduction!

I’m Rachael, the incredibly ambitious (and sometimes exhausted) owner of Appetite Paper  We are what Black SheepBride calls a socially conscious small business. Now whether you are a seasoned giver or just a curious small business owner, this series will be a great tool to uncover the core purpose of your business. Our Ultimate goal is to infuse our daily work with intention, service and generosity.

We’ll even be exploring our finances (cue the Home Alone scream!). I know our lack of accounting knowledge leaves us overwhelmed most days, we can even argue there is no money to give! But what if we were a financially fit business? A business that makes confident, educated and wise financial donations without sacrificing the financial health of our company. Sound impossible? We’ll be taking baby steps to get there!

We will also get creative with how we give back. The opportunities are endless and it certainly doesn’t have to be a big wad of money each month. We’ll serve in ways that push us outside our comfort zone, that engages our customers and promotes the well being of all involved!

As for today, I’ll leave you with one simple thought…


You are more than a donation check new friends! What do we have that money can’t buy? Passion! We have the heart, the social media following, the blog, the customer relationships and the perfect audience for our voice to be heard. Holding more power to change a life than a million dollars ever could. You can’t buy compassion, you can’t buy a sincere heart or a warm embrace from someone who cares. So don’t let a number intimidate or determine your potential to change lives, got it? Good. :)

So we will start with a tough question for next week…

Small business ownership is anything but glamorous, in fact we all know its really full of late nights, self doubt, frustration and daily challenges, so why are we doing it? The answer will play a cruitial role in uncovering your purpose as a socially conscious business owner.

Until then, if you have any questions or just want to say HI reach out to rachael@appetitepaper.com for a quick chat! See you next week!

Let’s Be Fair Collaboration- Sneak Peek

Black Sheep Bride has been lucky enough to befriend some pretty amazing blogging folks this year and Let’s Be Fair is one of them! Let’s Be Fair is a thoughtful lifestyle and beauty blog based in Southern California.

They just recently launched an annual new feature series, Let’s Get Married, and we are so excited to provide a sneak peak to the action!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this collaboration later this week! Check out the full feature of Part 1 on Let’s Be Fair.

20150221_Wedding Shoot_Raquel_02

20150221_Wedding Shoot_Raquel_Dress_02

20150221_Wedding Shoot_Raquel_Hair_01

Want to learn more about these amazing brands and vendors? Go for it!

The Diana Wedding Dress by Celia Grace

Large Cross Studs by Bario Neal 

Cala Diamond Ring by Bario Neal

Aldine Thin Band by Bario Neal

Herringbone Bracelet by Bario Neal

Sapphire Solitaire Ring by FTJCO

Whole Trade Roses by Whole Foods Markets

Photography by Charles Zablan

Hair by Raquel Tosaya

Model- Raquel Tosaya

Art Direction by Let’s Be Fair

How to Give Back After the Fact!

The party is winding down… The exit is planned with stellar execution, guests are lively to say the least, and the special last kiss of the night captured by the amazing photographer. Now what…. Up until this point… You didn’t even know Giving Back was an option on your wedding day and now you think its too late… Have no fear, you are mistaken, my dear!

LNC Wedding-871

Photo Credit: Katey Penton Photography

We meet lots of brides across the nation that regularly tell us… ‘Oh man! We wished we would have known this just 6 months ago. All of my vendors have been picked and none of my wedding day purchases were socially conscious…’

GOOD NEWS: We won’t hate on ya, you didn’t know!

BAD NEWS: You can’t use that excuse anymore.. there are plenty of ways to help others, once the wedding is over!

Here are a few ways to Give Back After the Fact:


Flowers can be a pivotal part in your wedding day vision. They add an element of gorgeous organic beauty not many other things compare too. With their beauty also comes great value and since their lives are short lived, they are often left for the trash at the end of the night. Good news is…. They don’t have to be chucked and your money will go further by donating your left over blooms to organizations that will repurpose and deliver them to hospitals, Ronald Mc Donald Homes, Nursing Homes, etc.

Organizations to connect with:

Repeat Roses

Random Acts of Flowers

Petals with Purpose



Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt Photography



Holy left overs! In all my years in the wedding industry I can personally attest to the heaping pile of leftovers after wedding day festivities. When you get ready to say your goodbyes, encourage your guests to take some leftover boxes with them and hand deliver the yummy wedding day grub to someone in need on the way home. (With that said… each caterer and food service company could handle donations requests differently, ask your caterer for more information and see what they can do. )


Photos above: Chloe Austin (Wedding couple runs a Homeless Ministry and decided to serve their Downtown Neighbors first on their wedding day)



For most brides the wedding dress is an heirloom to hold on to for years to come, for others its a waste of closet space that will only be worn once… Both types of brides have valuable perspectives! If you are of the later bride type, you will be happy to know there are organizations out there that will gladly receive your wedding gown, give it new life, and use it to help others. Also, all of those bridesmaid’s gowns collecting dust in the back of your closet or storage unit…. There could be resurrected and give a young girl an opportunity to attend her high school prom.

Brides Against Breast Cancer (Cancer Research)

Belle of the Ball (Low Income Girls Outreach)

Brides Across America (Military Brides)

Angel Gown (Infant Loss- Burial Gowns)



Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt Photography



There is a silly and magical thing that sometimes happens at wedding receptions called ‘The Dollar Dance.’  People line up, with singles in hand, ready to pay for a few moves with the bride and groom. What if you dedicated the Dollar Dance contributions to a family in need, or a local non-profit (that may be represented, as a guest).

Here are a few to consider:

No Child Hungry (Hunger)

Water.Org (Clean Water & Job Creation)

Kiva (Micro Loans)



Sure you had a registry and your and your fiancé had a blast using those fun laser beam gun scanners thingy’s, but some people forgot to use the registry properly and you have 3 waffle irons, 10 extra sets of washcloths, and 4 boxes of fancy decorative soaps. There are single mom’s, battered women, parolees, local disaster victims (fire, floods, tornados, you name it) … out there right now looking for a new start… and could use those extra wedding gifts from Aunt Bertha and Uncle George to rebuild their families. Check out your local city non-profit list and see which organizations would be interested in taking your rad swag.


Photo Credit: Amanda Lenhardt Photography


Now that you have been ‘learn’t’ … Give back .. No excuses! Wedding Day Fun is also one of the largest sources of waste, so lets work together and help one other…

Also check out our National Black Sheep Bride VENDOR DIRECTORY … if you still have a few last minute vendors to book for your BIG DAY!

Paper Flowers with Big Purpose- Appetite Paper


As most of you know Black Sheep Bride is in the early ‘blooming’ (<<see what I did there) stages of building this start up from the ground up! It has been an amazingly fast and rewarding journey and it wouldn’t have been such an early success had it not been for our amazing team of selfless, passionate supporters! One of those early supporters/vendors is Rachael, of Appetite Paper! She has been such a needed encourager, uplifter, mover, connecter, and now blog content contributor.

Rachael is in the business of paper! Not just any paper either…. Beautiful paper with purpose… Appetite Paper is a paper flower and custom invitation/design company that helps others, one glorious alternative bloom and invitation at a time.


Appetite Paper was created to transform Rachael’s passion of invitation design into a meaningful life in service to others. Appetite Paper looks to lift up and invest in each of their clients, while providing a community that embraces intentional living and service through their online blog and social media.

“Most importantly, in place of building upon an already comfortable and cozy life here at Appetite Paper, we are challenged to humbly give back to our neighbors in need through our donated time, resources and intentional financial giving. Currently, Appetite Paper is thankful to be a serving partner of The Daughter Project. An amazing nonprofit selflessly providing a supportive and safe home for young women directly affected by human tracking in Northwest, Ohio.”

Read the entire ‘Giving Back/The Daughter Project’ post on Appetite Paper‘s blog here.

Design your custom paper flower bridal bouquet in their online-shop today!

Also be on the look out for some of Rachael’s upcoming blog posts on Black Sheep Bride in the next few weeks.