National Park Wedding: Gina & Bob- Zion National Park, Utah

Get your hiking boots on, because for the next 7 days BSB will be sharing ONLY park weddings and various park wedding round up’s, in honor of National Parks Week (4/15-4/23)! (Refer to the bottom of this post for ways to get involved this week)


Gina and Bob got married in Zion National Park with the beautiful red walls as the perfect back drop for their photos! They had their ceremony in the late morning at the Temple of Sinawava at the entrance to the narrows followed by a lunch reception with their closest friends and family. Later in the day they met back up with their photographer, Bergreen Photography, for sunset portraits at the canyon overlook. After hiking out the the overlook they enjoyed a spectacular sunset with the glowing canyon walls!

S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB048low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB060low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB153low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB164lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB280lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB186lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB187low   S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB254low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB262low  S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB286low  S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB292low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB314low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB315low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB316low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB317low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB318low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB334low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB336low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB348low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB219lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB355low

National Park: Zion National Park | Photographer: Bergreen Photography



Did you know that the National Park Services has over 12 billion dollars of outstanding repairs and needs across the 2000 parks and forests they maintain? Go grab your annual NPS Pass today and help support the future of our planet for generations to come!

April 15-16 and April 22-23 : Free Admission to any National Park in the United States

April 15: Jr. Park Ranger Appreciation Day.

Buy a National Park Pass (for $80). There are also FREE Passes available for active military, and students in the 4th grade, as well as discounted passes for Seniors. Learn more HERE.

Find the closest park to you and volunteer or support their fund raising initiatives!

Weddings That Give Back: Catherine & Josh- Yosemite National Park, CA

April 15th- 23rd is National Parks Week and with all the fuss in the news, as of late, about the fate of our National Parks, BSB wanted to celebrate the amazing couples that intentionally choose to get married in a National or State Park and bring awareness to the gorgeous all-natural ‘venues’ all around us! Get your hiking boots on, because for the next 7 days BSB will be sharing ONLY park weddings and various park wedding round up’s! (Refer to the bottom of this post for ways to get involved this week)

 Catherine.Josh.091016-1 Catherine.Josh.091016-8

Here is what Catherine shared about their National Park wedding!

‘While we were deciding where we would get married we knew that we wanted a small, low-key outdoor wedding. We thought through a few options in our home city, Cincinnati, and the city that we met, Columbus, but we weren’t completely satisfied with our options. Around that time we saw an article about weddings having to be rescheduled in Yosemite National Park because of an ongoing government shutdown. While this was a strange way to discover that we could get married in a National Park, this article is how the idea was sparked.

My husband, Josh, has always been more “outdoorsy” than I am and an important part of our relationship has been about me exploring and appreciating the importance of being outside. One of our first real camping trips together was in Yosemite and that is when we both really fell in love with the park. We also discovered that the process to secure a permit for a wedding was fairly simple and inexpensive, as long as you have a small group and plan far in advance.

Our wedding day was everything we hoped for and I don’t think we could have found a more beautiful, tranquil location for the wedding. One of our favorite parts of the wedding was showing our friends and family Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. Many of our close friends and family live in the Midwest and some hadn’t been west of Chicago before our wedding. My uncle traveled all the way from England and I don’t think he had ever been above 3,000ft in elevation. It was a lot of fun to experience these “firsts” with our closest family and friends. When you’re getting married in a beautiful location it is also important to find a photographer that can balance the beauty of the landscape with “portrait” type photography and our photographer Lauren Lindley did an amazing job.  Our wedding was perfect and I would recommend getting married in a National Park to anyone looking for a unique, no –frills location.’

Catherine.Josh.091016-16 Catherine.Josh.091016-60 Catherine.Josh.091016-65 Catherine.Josh.091016-100 Catherine.Josh.091016-117

Truly love this series of images captured by Lauren Lindley! It couldn’t better represent marriage. It demands team work, compromise, uncomfortable, sacrifice… that isn’t always picture perfect, but we can’t help but think the coolest moments are the imperfect ones!

Catherine.Josh.091016-188 Catherine.Josh.091016-197 Catherine.Josh.091016-202

This is not the traditional reception photo you might find in a wedding feature, but I found it incredibly important to include. The wedding couple intentionally choose to have a picnic with their intimate wedding party, instead of a formal reception. No need for chairs, chargers, linens… just each other and nature. Isn’t that what love is all about!? We think so!

Catherine.Josh.091016-221 Catherine.Josh.091016-237 Catherine.Josh.091016-241 Catherine.Josh.091016-255 Catherine.Josh.091016-319 Catherine.Josh.091016-323Catherine.Josh.091016-274 Catherine.Josh.091016-293 Catherine.Josh.091016-308


National Park: Yosemite National Park | Photographer: Lauren Lindley  | Officiant: John Paris | Flowers: Sue Paris | Makeup: Jenny Sickler



Did you know that the National Park Services has over 12 Billion Dollars of outstanding repairs and needs across the 2000 parks and forests they maintain? Go grab your annual NPS Pass today and help support the future of our planet for generations to come!

April 15-16 and April 22-23 : Free Admission to any National Park in the United States

April 15: Jr. Park Ranger Appreciation Day.

Buy a National Park Pass (for $80). There are also FREE Passes available for active military, and students in the 4th grade, as well as discounted passes for Seniors. Learn more HERE.

Find the closest park to you and volunteer or support their fund raising initiatives!

Weddings That Give Back: Vanessa & Mike – Tampa, FL

Happy National Pet Day Friends! In honor of our furry friends we wanted to highlight a recent waggy tail wedding adventure, beautifully captured by Marc Edwards Photography. Thanks to our very own BSB Vendor, FairyTail Pet Care, for submitting this Weddings That Give Back feature for us to share. FairyTail Pet Care offers a professional personalized pet sitting experience for all occasions, from wedding day pet sitting, to honeymoon long term care, they have your furry critters handled.
Here is what the bride shared about their wedding day and why they choose to celebrate their puppy love with puppies!
“We strongly believe in Purpose. With everything we do, if we have the opportunity, we like to try and tie it back to “Why.” It just so happened that I am not into flowers. So when we started to consider what the bridesmaids would walk down the aisle with, I quickly began to think about things I love or things that are important to me. Memories, pictures, candles, etc. Then I thought, “Puppies!” My husband and I have three dogs of our own and melt at the sight of other dogs! Additionally, the company I have been with for the last ten years are huge advocates to the Humane Society. For the past few years, we’ve held one major donation contest and continue to support several events throughout the year.  So, after the blessing from my Bridesmaids, I made a few phone calls to the Humane Society and secured the adoptable puppies to hold, in leu of bouquets! My husband was a bit hesitant as it added complexity and even more details to the wedding, but honestly, it was probably the most memorable part of the entire day. All four puppies got adopted by the time cocktail hour had begun! My wedding coordinator went to the Humane Society the next day feeling so inspired and adopted a puppy of her own! We also had a few family members that donated to HSTB on our behalf. I believe in the deeper meaning of life, and that happiness comes from how much you give back. This is a day that typically is all about the Bride. And although it was, I felt so much more fulfilled. We had a Purpose due to our love for dogs.”
Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-33 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-93 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-107 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-143 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-170 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-228 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-231 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-261  Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-269 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-305 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-318 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-326 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-352 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-372 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-395 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-447 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-451 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-455 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-496 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-500 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-501 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-529 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-530  Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-593 Vanessa&Mike_Wedding-821
Participating Vendors: 
Wedding Day Pet Coordinator: FairyTail Pet Care | Photography : Marc Edwards Photography  | Videographer : Randall Productions | Day of Wedding Coordinator: Stephanie Voth Events | Catering: Catering by the Family | Venue: The Vault | DJ: Wild Out Entertainment | Candles: Apple Blossoms Floral Designs | Cigar Rolling Bar: Long Ash Cigars | Charity of Choice/ Adoptable Dogs: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Weddings That Give Back: Devin and Kay- The Lyons Farmette, CO

Truly can’t get enough of this sweet, spring-inspired, farm wedding, photographed by our friend, Meigan Canfield Photography. We loved what she had to share during the submission process, we decided to keep it organic and introduce the wedding story with her words and images alone! Hope this wedding brightens your day, as much as it did ours.


‘I met Devin, from DWC Creative, at The Big Fake Wedding a couple of years ago in Denver. If you do not know what the Big Fake Wedding is, it is a wedding show in the form of an actual wedding. Honestly, it was the coolest thing I have ever done in the industry. No regrets … none. I met the most talented and personable vendors there, including the artist/bride, herself! Devin (the bride) took part in the Big Fake Wedding as part of the event design. Fast forward and the wedding vendor is getting married and planning her own wedding! Devin handmade the watercolor, calligraphic table cards and hand painted the mini potted succulent guest gifts, and her mother made the crochet buntings. Her jewelry and shoes were handmade and specially ordered through small, growing businesses, her flowers were arranged by an amazing BSB vendor, MJM Designs, a florist that donates proceeds to the humane society. The thrifted table vases and handmade crochet blankets were donated to the couple’s local homeless shelters this past winter. There was so much kindness and charity gifted behind the scenes of every observable, beautiful little detail. And on top of all of that, I fell completely in love with their love for each other and for every single person they invited to their big celebration. It was one of those weddings that force you to feel all of the feels for people you truly have only met a couple of times, but now feel like you know transparently. Devin and Kay you deserve the BEST of the best.’ –  Meigan Canfield Photography

Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay002  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay021  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay029 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay032 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay039  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay059 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay065 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay069 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay075   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay123 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay130  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay139 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay212  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay224 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay229 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay237 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay238 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay239 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay242    Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay336 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay339  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay346Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay781Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay380 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay421 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay440  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay332Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay344 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay486  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay629Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay529 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay540   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay561 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay563 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay568  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay576 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay589 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay268 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay271 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay272 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay286 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay258 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay308 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay314  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay132Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay684Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay466Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay624Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay642  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay637 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay656 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay649  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay678  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay693  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay810 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay848 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay901

Listed below are all of the vendors who helped make the wedding sustainable, green or charitable in some way. Hand-Made Details • DWC Creative : Hand-lettered and watercolored RSVPs, Escort Cards, Guestbook, chalkboard signs, table numbers.• Other things hand-made by Bride (with some help from Groom and MOB) – Painted, potted succulents, candles (including mason jar candles filled with grain from grooms brewery), colorful paper bunting, necklaces worn by bridal party and MOB, picture collage of old wedding photos wrapped around the tree, large frame for hanging polaroids.• Beach Daisy Jewelry (MOB Etsy Store) – Crocheted bunting • Ele Handmade – Handmade leather shoes • Ittybittybunnies (Sarah Buckly Etsy Shop) – Hand-Embroidered quilt hoop that says Devin & KayVendors that Give Back• MJM Designs, LLC (BSB Vendor!) – Floral Arrangements”Sustainable” Details or Hand-Made Goods• Harvest Table Company (The Lyons Farmette) – Wood tables made from locally salvaged barn wood• True Blue Vintage Rentals (Longmont) – Vintage pink velvet Victorian sofa rental•Locally Thrifted – Crocheted blankets by the fire pit and glassware/vases for flower arrangements

Photographer:  Meigan Canfield Photography//Event Designer: DWC Creative//Dress Store:A & Be Bridal Shop//Dress Designer: Anais Annette//Jewelry: Beach Daisy Jewelry//Other:Cured//Other: Donna Beth Designs//Shoes: Ele Handmade//Floral Designer: MJM Designs, LLC//Cake Designer:Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Moo Mobile//Event Venue:The Lyons Farmette// Quilted Goods: Ittybittybunnies // Furniture Rental: True Blue Vintage Rentals // Tables: Harvest Table Company 


Weddings that Give Back: Amanda and Andrew – Elberta, MI

Black Sheep Bride has one of the most amazing community of Vendors That Give Back that I’ve ever seen in the wedding industry, however I’m a little biased, since this is my ‘brain child’ and all. The raw talent and purpose-filled passion that exudes in our BSB Vendor Community often leaves me breathless and equally empowered. It is vendors like Apaige Photography that remind me why I launched Black Sheep Bride in the first place. Her passion for the environment and serving her community is LOUD and her personality, style and branding attracts the wedding clients that best represent our mission: Using your love to love others! Grateful to Apaige Photography for sharing this sweet Weddings That Give Back story with us today!  Apaige Photography shared this with BSB, in her submission, ‘AJ and Andrew basically did everything themselves, along with involving as many give back, and local businesses, as possible. From including family members and friends as much as possible, to AJ baking her very own cake – this wedding was my dream and I am so glad I could be included in it.’

The bride had this to say about her wedding planning: ‘Flowers for Dreams is a Chicago based company that designed all of our bouquets. It was important to have some of Chicago with us on our big day. The company features a new, amazing, local charity each month and contributes 25% of their proceeds to that non-profit organization. We have both worked with or admired many of the agencies they benefit, so it seemed only fitting. The remainder of the flowers came from the Elberta/Frankfort Famers Market. We made all the desserts and rather than a receiving line, we served everyone dessert. Our friend, Patches, officiating also and our toasts were accompanied by a lambic-style sour beer, which we brewed over a year ago.’

The couple also chose to invest in ethical jewelry made by Mineralogy. Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition, conflict free, and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago metalsmith, Theresa Cowan. Mineralogy creates unusual statement and heirloom quality pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of natural gems and minerals.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the Elberta Life Saving Station, a local historic landmark, known for their long standing support of the community, on Betsie Bay, in Elberta, MI. www.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephoto

The couple, alongside their loved ones, made all of the desserts for their wedding guest, as gifts. Instead of a traditional receiving line, they handed out these charming little jar cakes instead.

They also invested in Crystal Lake Catering Co. and they incorporate as many local, fresh, farm to table elements as possible in their menu selections.

Photographer (BSB Vendor):   Apaige Photography //Caterer:  Crystal Lake Catering Co.//Reception Venue: Elberta Life Saving Station//Floral Designer: Flowers for Dreams//Dress Store: J. Crew//Jewelry: Mineralogy Jewelry//Hair Stylist: Salon 415 //