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Our amazing friends at The Big Fake Wedding have done it again, but this time… It wasn’t a fake wedding… it was ‘totes’ REAL! Read the story below, from Big Fake Wedding’s founder and CEO, Callie! The best part of this story is all of the participating vendors donated their services to make this big day a success, for such an amazing couple!
‘My friend Jennifer was planning a wedding in September, but they found out that Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June, so they started planning to secretly head to the courthouse on May 8. At a dinner in April, Jennifer was telling me about her plans and saying how she was so sad to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle. She wanted Brian to have that moment of seeing her in a dress, but they knew there wasn’t time to make that possible.
I reached out to some of my favorite wedding vendors, and we started planning an amazing surprise wedding for the two of them. Jennifer knew it was happening, but she didn’t know any of the details. Brian just thought that he was going to meet her at the courthouse, but instead his dad dropped him off at the wedding location (a local park where the florist so graciously donated her yard and front porch for the celebration), and his mom was there waiting on him with a boutonniere, in front of a sign that read “Welcome to the wedding of Jennifer and Brian”. She handed him a letter from Jennifer that let him know that they would be able to experience a wedding ceremony after all, and then his parents walked him down the aisle where their family and best friends (who had come in from different parts of the country!) were waiting.
We had a musician who played their song as Jennifer walked down the aisle, and after the ceremony, the musician played as they had their first dance and dances with their parents. They then enjoyed dinner, cake and toasts on the front porch, and they ended with a coffee truck and lantern release.
The next day was their “engagement party” and they got to let everyone in on their little secret: they were married!!’
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Easily the best part for us, besides everyone donating their time to this lovely couple, is REFUGE COFFEE!!!! Refuge Coffee Company is an amazing Atlanta based Coffee Truck that provides a living wage, quality job training and mentorship for resettled refugees in the area.
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And if these amazing photos weren’t enough… grab the hankie and watch this super endearing video, courtesy of Up and Up Weddings :
Participating Vendors:  Flowers : Holland Daze Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss. Milly’s | Cake : GS Bakery | Catering : Farm Burger | Officiant : Bill Murray | Hand Lettering: Fleecher Designs | Photography : Jonathan and Kaye Photography | Ceremony Dress: Rent the Runway | Reception Dress: Wedding Angels | Videography: Up and Up Weddings | Music : Jonathan Wisdom | Coffee Truck: Refuge Coffee Co. | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Brette  | ‘Yay Flag’ : Liddabits Design Shop

Weddings that Give Back- Jen & Rishi

A few months ago we featured an amazing engagement session for a couple of love birds looking to show love to others and with utmost excitement… TODAY… We get to share their awesome 2-day long wedding festivities! Check out what the bride had to share about her wedding planning process and how she conscious incorporated vendors and products that gave back!

‘The Sangeet (night before the wedding) was held at a local venue, sponsored by an organizations called Source MN, whose goal is to bring hope and opportunity in the city. They work with homeless people and do anti-trafficking awareness and education. We love being able to use a space that is doing good in our community.’

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I bought my wedding dress from a local consignment shop (in an effort to be more eco-conscious) called Bridal Aisle. 

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‘My engagement ring + both of our wedding bands: Blue Nile which has a  zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds.’

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‘I worked with Gracie over at Miriam Designs {who we sell at Paisley + Sparrow} to get rings and necklaces for my ladies. Miriam Designs works with women who have overcome addiction. My sister (MOH) wore the Kana necklace directly from my shop. It is made by Purpose Jewelry who works with women who were formerly trafficked. Bridesmaids also received lip balm from Honest Company who makes sure they make sure every vendor operates according to GMP standards which mandate fair labor wages and working conditions. Their products are good for your body, the environment and the people making them!’

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‘We had leftover envelopes from our invitations so I folded them over and wrote numbers on them for table numbers! The envelopes otherwise would have gone to waste. We also used succulents paired with candles (from the consignment shop) for half of our table centerpieces instead of flowers. We hated to throw away beautiful flowers after only using them for a day! I found pots at local thrift shops and painted them gold so they all matched. We gave away some and the rest are in various places around our home! :)’View More:

‘For our wedding favors we decided to gift each guest with a bar of Hand in Hand Soap – For each bar of soap we give, one bar will be given to a child in need. {also found in my shop!}’

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‘However we did registered for some gifts, we also gave the option to donate to International Justince Mission – a human rights agency that is bringing rescue and freedom to victims of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violence. We raised over $300!’

‘The rest of our vendors we went with small locally owned businesses rather than larger corporations. My Hair/Makeup was done by Jen Santoro Rotty, Invitations and Programs were done by Libby Design , Photography : On3Design for Photography and our videography:  Acowsay

To find out more about Jen and her amazing socially conscious boutique, visit: Paisley + Sparrow.

Weddings that Give Back: Morgan & Ryan

Central Florida based Black Sheep Bride vendor, Soltren Photography, sent us this awesome ‘Weddings that Give Back’ submission that immediately had us giddy with giving-back excitement! ‘Why is that?’ You might ask… Well, for many reasons: 1. Soltren Photography shot the wedding and we know how much they love to give back to their community via Help Portrait and the Heart Gallery… 2. The bride and her mother own this super cool boutique that we’ve had several folks tell us to check out, for their socially conscious goodies (Man Cans, Bourbon and Bowties, etc) and last, but not least, 3. They used one of our favorite caterers ever… Duo 58 (meal for meal business mission)!

Here what the bride had to share about their wedding and how they give back!

‘One of the things that attracted me to Ryan in the first place was his kind heart. He was so involved in helping others any way he could. He put his friends first before himself and his servants heart was so evident. As cliche as it sounds he has always made me want to do more for others.’

2015-06-05_0001 2015-06-05_0002 2015-06-05_0003 2015-06-05_0004 2015-06-05_0005 2015-06-05_0006

2015-06-05_0007 2015-06-05_0008 2015-06-05_0009 2015-06-05_0010 2015-06-05_0011

‘We were so happy to come across Duo 58 in our search for wedding caterers. Nathan and his team were incredible … He is definitely using his God given talent to cook! When we went to our tasting we knew without a doubt that we wanted to use him – his mission and his heart was evident that he was using his abilities in order to serve others, and we knew we wanted a part in that right away! We believe God puts people and in this case, Nathan, in your path for a certain reason. After our reception, Nathan fed people outside of our venue who may not have known where their next meal was coming from. That alone made our night!’

2015-06-05_0012 2015-06-05_0013 2015-06-05_0014 2015-06-05_0015 2015-06-05_0016 2015-06-05_0017 2015-06-05_0018 2015-06-05_0019 2015-06-05_0020 2015-06-05_0021 2015-06-05_0022 2015-06-05_0023

2015-06-05_0024 2015-06-05_0025 2015-06-05_0026 2015-06-05_0027

‘Ryan and I are constantly looking for ways to contribute in ways that we feel led. We team up with some other friends every Christmas season to find a family in need of toys, and gifts under their tree. On Christmas Day each year we spend our morning putting food together for the Florida Baptist Children’s home – each cottage has about 12 children and so helps the house parents not to have to spend their whole morning cooking a lunch for their families. My mom and I own two businesses and through that we have a lot of opportunity to give back in our community – we have all been so blessed – it’s the absolute least we can do to just give a small portion of what The Lord has blessed us with!’2015-06-05_0028 2015-06-05_0029 2015-06-05_0030 2015-06-05_0031 2015-06-05_0032 2015-06-05_0033

Vendors: Photographer: Soltren Photography | Venue: Winter Park Farmers Market | Caterer: Duo 58 | DJ: Latin Touch Entertainment  | Jewelry: Fringe Boutique

Weddings that Give Back- Marielle & David

The most exciting part about receiving a Black Sheep Bride Real Wedding submission is learning the couple’s story.  Love always shines through each story and when it comes to giving back, the size and presentation of the giving is never a variable … because every ounce of quiet/humble or big/loud love invested in others is helping the greater good! I love that this couple donated all of their left over flowers to Random Acts of Flowers and also their left over food to KARM Knoxville. They also requested their guests to skip buying them a wedding present and making a donation to their favorite charity instead.

Jewels Photography (based out of Knoxville, TN) recently shared a wedding with us that was the perfect fit for Black Sheep Bride. Here is the fun wedding story she shared with us:


‘Marielle and David have a love for each other that is so true and lively you can feel it just being around them.  The bride and groom chose to have a non-traditional wedding at The Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville, TN. The venue is a unique place in itself as an art and culture museum.’





‘Marielle and David focused the entire day and night on what the event was really all about — their love. The wedding was truly a celebration among the ones that were closes to them in a way that was unique and special to them. It was all about love — one love — and that’s all that mattered is that they were getting married! By 6:00 pm, guests filled the room for a cocktail hour that the bride and groom would join in the celebration. Yes you heard right, the couple would be joining in festivities BEFORE the ceremony. With an open bar, Marielle’s aunt provided the reception with sparkling wine from her Beverly Hills based wine company, Moreno Sparkling Wine.’

2015-05-08_0005 2015-05-08_0006 2015-05-08_0007 2015-05-08_0008 2015-05-08_0009 2015-05-08_0010 2015-05-08_0011 2015-05-08_0012 2015-05-08_0013 2015-05-08_0014 2015-05-08_0015 2015-05-08_0016

‘One of Marielle’s long time friends, Lindsay, was ordained to perform some personal wedding ceremonies. Every word of the vows were wrote by Marielle herself and presented just as she wanted them to be. After the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. David Tordone, the celebration continued. Love filled the air as family and friends hugged and congratulations were expressed. After an evening of amazing food (including an awesome pizza bar baked on spot) catered by All Occasion Catering, drinks, and celebration — the night did not end. The guest were invited to join the bride and groom in an after party at Soccer Taco in Market Square. The restaurant arranged for a private party with the band Diva and The Black Tie Affair to perform. The night was a hit with dancing and everyone having the time of their lives. I will have to say my favorite part of the after party was when I snuck a few shots of the bride and groom at the end (before they realized I was watching) as they stood at the end of the bar in a private moment looking at their wedding rings and having a “we are married and I love you” moment!?’

2015-05-08_0017  2015-05-08_0019

Photographer:  Jewels Photography | Floral Designer: Abloom Florist |Caterer: All Occasion Catering LLC | Equipment Rentals: Campbell Tent & Party Rentals | Band: Diva and The Black Tie Affair | Bakery: It’s Easy As Pie | Hair Stylist: Just A Tease | Other: Moreno Sparkling Wine | DJ: Ogle Entertainment | Other: Soccer Taco | Event Venue: The Emporium Center