Weddings that Give Back : Becca & Gordan

In the midst of one of the hottest months of the season, we thought we’d share a little cooler inspiration of what’s to come with fall!

When the wedding couple is studying Environmental Science, its only fair that their wedding be ECO-FRIENDLY to the umpteenth power. One of our awesome Black Sheep Bride Vendors, Tara Lynn Bridal, recently shared this earth-friendly wedding story with us and it has us ‘Green with Envy’!

Captured at The Wild Center Natural Museum in Tupper Lake, NY, Becca and Gordon live and love to share awareness of living eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. They both had very unique attire, as well as vegetarian food and setting for their wedding. The bride bought her unique wedding dress from an organic farm in Calfornia, at an auction to help support the farm. The groom’s suit was 100% hemp, made in Vermont by Tara Lynn Bridal. They used sustainable air plants for their florals and both adorned wooden wedding bands, as well.

Photography by Out of the Ordinary Photography
















Weddings that Give Back: Jamie and Kyle

With a name like Black Sheep Bride we couldn’t miss an opportunity to get a little WILDDDD, so today’s ‘WEDDINGS THAT GIVE BACK’ feature is going to the zoo!

Emily Katharine Photography recently submitted this love wedding story about a couple head over heals for animals! Take a look at what she had to share:

‘Jamie and Kyle met six years ago while they were spending an afternoon at the beach with mutual friends. They hit it off, but were hesitant to move forward at the moment. Every time their paths crossed with friends, they would find themselves together, practically oblivious to everything else going on around them. They began dating and working for the same firm. Everything was falling in line. Jamie’s dogs adored Kyle almost as much as she did.

After getting engaged at the base of a beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica Jamie wasted no time planning her wedding. She purchased her dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer and they got married at the zoo! An unusual venue, but the two of them felt strongly about how costly the wedding was going to be and decided they wanted that money to go to the zoo (a non profit) and back to the animals.

On the side, they participate in charity bike rides at least once a month. Jamie is part of a program called Vanderkitten – that encourages community involvement through sports. She’s an avid bike rider and Kyle has joined her.

Jamie also volunteers her time by helping write a quarterly newsletter for the women’s interactive network at work. And they are also huge animal lovers and have adopted numerous pets.’


Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-2 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-4 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-8 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-10 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-15 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-16 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-22 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-23 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-28 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-30 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-31 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-32 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-37 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-41 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-46 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-47 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-51 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-54 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-55 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-57 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-63 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-65 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-72 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-76 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-83 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-87 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-91 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-98 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-100 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-102 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-110 Emily Katharine Lowry Park Zoo Wedding-114

VENDORS: Photography: Emily Katharine Photography | Dress: Brides Against Breast Cancer | Florist: Carters | Venue: Lowry Park Zoo | Hair and Makeup: Elegant Brides | DJ: Celebrations Tampa Bay | Cake: Publix | Catering: Lowry Park Zoo

Weddings that Give Back- Gina & Edward


Black Sheep Bride just celebrated our first birthday this week. It has been a momentous 12 months and sincerely couldn’t have been accomplished with out the love and support from a very small community of wedding industry leaders. One person in particular that has had a huge influence on this process over the past year is the founder of Love Gives Way, Andy Brophy. Love Gives Way is a wedding directory of vendors that give back specifically to human trafficking organizations within their specific communities. So it was such an honor it was to receive this submission from a LGW vendor,  Claire Diana Photography, and read about how this couple was impacted to STAND OUT and do so much more with their love and wedding day planning by GIVING BACK!

Here is what  Claire Diana Photography had to share with us about this amazing couple:

“Gina & Edward’s paths had crossed before, but it wasn’t until the Peachtree Road Race that their romance really began. As it turns out, one of Edward’s earbuds got stuck in his ear during the race. At the finish line, Gina & Edward ran into each other (not literally) and Gina helped him pry the earpiece out (after she took a photo of it!). Edward got Gina’s number by asking her to text him the photo… and that’s how it all began. :) The couple has run the Peachtree Road Race every year since, first as friends, then as an engaged couple, and this year they will be running it as a married couple. What I love most about this sweet couple is their love and heart for others. When they began looking at their wedding day budget and realized how much money goes into a single day, they wondered what they could do to make it “bigger” than themselves… They wanted to use their day to give back to others, and that’s when they found me….”

Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm4 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm5 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm6

“Gina & Edward were my first-ever Love Gives Way couple. Essentially, a portion of their wedding photography package was donated to Out of Darkness, a nonprofit organization in Atlanta who’s mission is to reach, rescue, and restore victims of sex trafficking in the city. But Gina & Edward didn’t stop at that; many of their vendors give back in one way or another. Gina’s good friend & wedding planner, CarolynA Events, is also apart of LGW and partners with Wellspring Living.”Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm12 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm14 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm18 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm21 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm34 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm41 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm67 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm73

“You’ll notice in the photos that the entire bridal party is wearing TOMS shoes and DivvyUp socks. The shoes that Gina & Edward decorated at their gorgeous Fall styled engagement session were signed by wedding guests during the reception. They also used The Modern Gent for the (groomsmen apparel), Headbands of Hope (for the flower girls), Feed Bags, and Writefully His for ‘Thank You’ cards.”

Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm80 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm82 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm88 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm92 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm95 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm106 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm108 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm114 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm118 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm120 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm125 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm129 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm134 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm141 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm147 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm148 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm149 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm151 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm152 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm166

“Even Gina’s ring was chosen carefully and purposefully; Edward found a company, Mia Donna, that made a custom made/ethical ring and they also give back to those that were affected by the blood diamond industry with every purchase.”Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm169 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm177

“And in lieu of wedding favors for their friends/family, Gina & Edward decided to spend money on toys, supplies, and equipment for kids in Cancun. They planned a joint bachelor/bachelorette trip to Cancun and spent a day at Back2Back and Tree of Life playing with the children and cooking/feeding them. Gina and Edward were not just a pleasure to photograph, they became an inspiration and reminder to think of others and how to make things bigger than ourselves.” Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm181 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm188 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm192 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm198 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm201 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm218 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm223 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm226


And the best part about their wedding story … They got engaged at The Big Fake Wedding (Courtesy of Incer Studios) !


Photographer:  Claire Diana Photography | Cinema and Video:Bob’s Eye View Weddings | Event Designer: carolyn a. events | Event Venue:Chukkar Farm Polo Club | Caterer:Freckled & Blue | Shoes: TOMS |Grooms Apparel: The Modern Gent


Weddings that Give Back- Jennifer and Jeremy

It is always such a pleasure to feature Real Weddings that Give Back. It’s even BETTER, when they are Real Weddings on our home turf: Tampa, FL. Black Sheep Bride vendor, Marilyn of Rising Lotus Photography, recently submitted this elegant water-front wedding. The lovely bride is one of our local celebrities (news anchor) and her heart for helping others in front of the TV Camera, easily transitioned into her wedding planning process as well. Jennifer shares a little bit about the ways her BIG day gave back below:


‘While working with Fox 13, I had heard about the work Brides Against Breast Cancer did in the community. I was familiar with the organization’s mission and was blown away by all the work they do. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and anytime I can honor her journey, I do. I thought it was a great way to help out an amazing charity and get the dress of my dreams. How often do you get the opportunity to find your dream wedding dress, at a discount, and have the money go towards an amazing organization?’




‘Jeremy and I are both animal lovers and our rescue pups, Kote Boz and Otis, are members of our family. So it felt right to include them in our wedding. They both spent the morning with my bridesmaids and me while we got ready. In fact, Kote (the one with the white fur) had a great time getting extra love and cuddles from my bridesmaid Krissie. It was such a sweet moment when the boys trotted down the aisle in their little tuxedos.

I devote my time to the Humane Society and other rescue organizations by bringing awareness to the fact that there are many animals in the Tampa Bay area that need loving homes. I emcee fundraising events like Bark in the Park and Tux’s and Tails and whenever I can, I bring attention to rescue organizations and their amazing efforts on the show (Good Day Tampa Bay). It’s important to educate our audience on the wonders of pet adoption. I’d never had a dog before but I when I met Kote, I knew I wanted to give him a home. He’s been my best friend and along with our energetic, playful Otis, our family feels complete.




‘As a certified wish grantor for the Make a Wish FoundationI’ve had the privilege of meeting with children to help them figure out their biggest wishes; things like a visit to Disney World, a shopping trip in New York or the latest gadget. It’s wonderful to bring joy to a child who is dealing with so much and be part of their happy moments. I also assist when a child from out of town visits the Tampa area for their wish. I help other wish grantors present wishes, we help get donations and the items needed to grant the wishes. For the past five years, I’ve been involved in various aspects of the organization from presenting to helping make the special moment a reality.’


Wheels of SuccessPayton Wright Foundation and Feeding America are other local organizations I work with and offer support for their fundraising activities and events or whatever might be needed.’


‘Jeremy volunteers at Health Care Connections while he completes his degree in mental health counseling and social work. He’s very active in serving our community as a one-on-one mentor for those that need guidance and support.’
















Photographer:   Rising Lotus Photography//Dress Store:Alfred Angelo//Jewelry: Betsey Johnson//Dress Store: Brides Against Breast Cancer //Linens and Coverings:Fancy that Specialty Linens LLC//Bakery: Hands on Sweets//Restaurant: Jackson’s Bistro//Dress Designer:Martina Liana//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Men’s Wearhouse//DJ: Music On The Move DJs//Event Planner:The Day of Events, Inc.//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Vera Wang//Caterer: Westin Tampa Harbour Island Hotel/


Surprise Wedding for Deserving Couple | Big Fake Wedding Style

Our amazing friends at The Big Fake Wedding have done it again, but this time… It wasn’t a fake wedding… it was ‘totes’ REAL! Read the story below, from Big Fake Wedding’s founder and CEO, Callie! The best part of this story is all of the participating vendors donated their services to make this big day a success, for such an amazing couple!
‘My friend Jennifer was planning a wedding in September, but they found out that Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June, so they started planning to secretly head to the courthouse on May 8. At a dinner in April, Jennifer was telling me about her plans and saying how she was so sad to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle. She wanted Brian to have that moment of seeing her in a dress, but they knew there wasn’t time to make that possible.
I reached out to some of my favorite wedding vendors, and we started planning an amazing surprise wedding for the two of them. Jennifer knew it was happening, but she didn’t know any of the details. Brian just thought that he was going to meet her at the courthouse, but instead his dad dropped him off at the wedding location (a local park where the florist so graciously donated her yard and front porch for the celebration), and his mom was there waiting on him with a boutonniere, in front of a sign that read “Welcome to the wedding of Jennifer and Brian”. She handed him a letter from Jennifer that let him know that they would be able to experience a wedding ceremony after all, and then his parents walked him down the aisle where their family and best friends (who had come in from different parts of the country!) were waiting.
We had a musician who played their song as Jennifer walked down the aisle, and after the ceremony, the musician played as they had their first dance and dances with their parents. They then enjoyed dinner, cake and toasts on the front porch, and they ended with a coffee truck and lantern release.
The next day was their “engagement party” and they got to let everyone in on their little secret: they were married!!’
BrianJennifer(1of523) BrianJennifer(13of523) BrianJennifer(18of523) BrianJennifer(25of523) BrianJennifer(39of523) BrianJennifer(41of523) BrianJennifer(46of523) BrianJennifer(57of523) BrianJennifer(60of523) BrianJennifer(65of523) BrianJennifer(67of523) BrianJennifer(68of523) BrianJennifer(72of523) BrianJennifer(77of523) BrianJennifer(88of523) BrianJennifer(93of523) BrianJennifer(100of523) BrianJennifer(106of523) BrianJennifer(110of523) BrianJennifer(115of523) BrianJennifer(116of523) BrianJennifer(119of523) BrianJennifer(121of523) BrianJennifer(128of523) BrianJennifer(131of523) BrianJennifer(141of523) BrianJennifer(148of523) BrianJennifer(149of523) BrianJennifer(162of523) BrianJennifer(169of523) BrianJennifer(177of523) BrianJennifer(180of523) BrianJennifer(193of523) BrianJennifer(199of523) BrianJennifer(202of523) BrianJennifer(214of523) BrianJennifer(219of523) BrianJennifer(224of523) BrianJennifer(229of523) BrianJennifer(233of523) BrianJennifer(241of523) BrianJennifer(250of523) BrianJennifer(266of523) BrianJennifer(275of523) BrianJennifer(319of523) BrianJennifer(326of523) BrianJennifer(338of523) BrianJennifer(339of523) BrianJennifer(347of523) BrianJennifer(358of523) BrianJennifer(362of523)
Easily the best part for us, besides everyone donating their time to this lovely couple, is REFUGE COFFEE!!!! Refuge Coffee Company is an amazing Atlanta based Coffee Truck that provides a living wage, quality job training and mentorship for resettled refugees in the area.
 BrianJennifer(365of523) BrianJennifer(366of523) BrianJennifer(368of523) BrianJennifer(380of523) BrianJennifer(387of523) BrianJennifer(390of523) BrianJennifer(394of523) BrianJennifer(397of523) BrianJennifer(407of523) BrianJennifer(421of523) BrianJennifer(428of523) BrianJennifer(429of523) BrianJennifer(439of523) BrianJennifer(445of523) BrianJennifer(452of523) BrianJennifer(460of523) BrianJennifer(468of523) BrianJennifer(482of523) BrianJennifer(490of523) BrianJennifer(507of523) BrianJennifer(514of523)
And if these amazing photos weren’t enough… grab the hankie and watch this super endearing video, courtesy of Up and Up Weddings :
Participating Vendors:  Flowers : Holland Daze Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss. Milly’s | Cake : GS Bakery | Catering : Farm Burger | Officiant : Bill Murray | Hand Lettering: Fleecher Designs | Photography : Jonathan and Kaye Photography | Ceremony Dress: Rent the Runway | Reception Dress: Wedding Angels | Videography: Up and Up Weddings | Music : Jonathan Wisdom | Coffee Truck: Refuge Coffee Co. | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Brette  | ‘Yay Flag’ : Liddabits Design Shop