Weddings That Give Back: Devin and Kay- The Lyons Farmette, CO

Truly can’t get enough of this sweet, spring-inspired, farm wedding, photographed by our friend, Meigan Canfield Photography. We loved what she had to share during the submission process, we decided to keep it organic and introduce the wedding story with her words and images alone! Hope this wedding brightens your day, as much as it did ours.


‘I met Devin, from DWC Creative, at The Big Fake Wedding a couple of years ago in Denver. If you do not know what the Big Fake Wedding is, it is a wedding show in the form of an actual wedding. Honestly, it was the coolest thing I have ever done in the industry. No regrets … none. I met the most talented and personable vendors there, including the artist/bride, herself! Devin (the bride) took part in the Big Fake Wedding as part of the event design. Fast forward and the wedding vendor is getting married and planning her own wedding! Devin handmade the watercolor, calligraphic table cards and hand painted the mini potted succulent guest gifts, and her mother made the crochet buntings. Her jewelry and shoes were handmade and specially ordered through small, growing businesses, her flowers were arranged by an amazing BSB vendor, MJM Designs, a florist that donates proceeds to the humane society. The thrifted table vases and handmade crochet blankets were donated to the couple’s local homeless shelters this past winter. There was so much kindness and charity gifted behind the scenes of every observable, beautiful little detail. And on top of all of that, I fell completely in love with their love for each other and for every single person they invited to their big celebration. It was one of those weddings that force you to feel all of the feels for people you truly have only met a couple of times, but now feel like you know transparently. Devin and Kay you deserve the BEST of the best.’ –  Meigan Canfield Photography

Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay002  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay021  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay029 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay032 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay039  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay059 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay065 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay069 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay075   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay123 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay130  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay139 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay212  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay224 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay229 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay237 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay238 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay239 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay242    Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay336 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay339  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay346Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay781Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay380 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay421 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay440  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay332Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay344 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay486  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay629Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay529 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay540   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay561 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay563 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay568  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay576 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay589 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay268 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay271 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay272 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay286 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay258 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay308 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay314  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay132Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay684Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay466Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay624Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay642  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay637 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay656 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay649  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay678  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay693  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay810 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay848 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay901

Listed below are all of the vendors who helped make the wedding sustainable, green or charitable in some way. Hand-Made Details • DWC Creative : Hand-lettered and watercolored RSVPs, Escort Cards, Guestbook, chalkboard signs, table numbers.• Other things hand-made by Bride (with some help from Groom and MOB) – Painted, potted succulents, candles (including mason jar candles filled with grain from grooms brewery), colorful paper bunting, necklaces worn by bridal party and MOB, picture collage of old wedding photos wrapped around the tree, large frame for hanging polaroids.• Beach Daisy Jewelry (MOB Etsy Store) – Crocheted bunting • Ele Handmade – Handmade leather shoes • Ittybittybunnies (Sarah Buckly Etsy Shop) – Hand-Embroidered quilt hoop that says Devin & KayVendors that Give Back• MJM Designs, LLC (BSB Vendor!) – Floral Arrangements”Sustainable” Details or Hand-Made Goods• Harvest Table Company (The Lyons Farmette) – Wood tables made from locally salvaged barn wood• True Blue Vintage Rentals (Longmont) – Vintage pink velvet Victorian sofa rental•Locally Thrifted – Crocheted blankets by the fire pit and glassware/vases for flower arrangements

Photographer:  Meigan Canfield Photography//Event Designer: DWC Creative//Dress Store:A & Be Bridal Shop//Dress Designer: Anais Annette//Jewelry: Beach Daisy Jewelry//Other:Cured//Other: Donna Beth Designs//Shoes: Ele Handmade//Floral Designer: MJM Designs, LLC//Cake Designer:Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Moo Mobile//Event Venue:The Lyons Farmette// Quilted Goods: Ittybittybunnies // Furniture Rental: True Blue Vintage Rentals // Tables: Harvest Table Company 


Weddings that Give Back: Amanda and Andrew – Elberta, MI

Black Sheep Bride has one of the most amazing community of Vendors That Give Back that I’ve ever seen in the wedding industry, however I’m a little biased, since this is my ‘brain child’ and all. The raw talent and purpose-filled passion that exudes in our BSB Vendor Community often leaves me breathless and equally empowered. It is vendors like Apaige Photography that remind me why I launched Black Sheep Bride in the first place. Her passion for the environment and serving her community is LOUD and her personality, style and branding attracts the wedding clients that best represent our mission: Using your love to love others! Grateful to Apaige Photography for sharing this sweet Weddings That Give Back story with us today!  Apaige Photography shared this with BSB, in her submission, ‘AJ and Andrew basically did everything themselves, along with involving as many give back, and local businesses, as possible. From including family members and friends as much as possible, to AJ baking her very own cake – this wedding was my dream and I am so glad I could be included in it.’

The bride had this to say about her wedding planning: ‘Flowers for Dreams is a Chicago based company that designed all of our bouquets. It was important to have some of Chicago with us on our big day. The company features a new, amazing, local charity each month and contributes 25% of their proceeds to that non-profit organization. We have both worked with or admired many of the agencies they benefit, so it seemed only fitting. The remainder of the flowers came from the Elberta/Frankfort Famers Market. We made all the desserts and rather than a receiving line, we served everyone dessert. Our friend, Patches, officiating also and our toasts were accompanied by a lambic-style sour beer, which we brewed over a year ago.’

The couple also chose to invest in ethical jewelry made by Mineralogy. Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition, conflict free, and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago metalsmith, Theresa Cowan. Mineralogy creates unusual statement and heirloom quality pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of natural gems and minerals.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the Elberta Life Saving Station, a local historic landmark, known for their long standing support of the community, on Betsie Bay, in Elberta, MI. www.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephotography.comwww.apaigephoto

The couple, alongside their loved ones, made all of the desserts for their wedding guest, as gifts. Instead of a traditional receiving line, they handed out these charming little jar cakes instead.

They also invested in Crystal Lake Catering Co. and they incorporate as many local, fresh, farm to table elements as possible in their menu selections.

Photographer (BSB Vendor):   Apaige Photography //Caterer:  Crystal Lake Catering Co.//Reception Venue: Elberta Life Saving Station//Floral Designer: Flowers for Dreams//Dress Store: J. Crew//Jewelry: Mineralogy Jewelry//Hair Stylist: Salon 415 //

Vendors that Give Back: Charity Wedding to Deserving Couple, Minneapolis, MN

Gary and Kanika were at Steller Hair Company, getting their hair done, a week ago. As Katie, owner of Steller Hair Company, gave Gary a beard trim, he told her of the couple’s fears and what they wanted to do. They originally planned to travel to India and have their wedding, alongside their family, but those plans were derailed and they decided to act faster than expected. Due to the uncertainties with immigration, Gary and Kanika decided they didn’t want to risk waiting to get married, and why wait? Katie immediately said, we will have your wedding here, and we will plan it for you.



Katie then put a post on her personal Facebook seeing if anyone would be interested in helping her plan this special day (in 5 days!).  ‘Within 48 hours, and hundreds of messages, Steller Hair Company is proud to partner with these amazing businesses/people to give our neighbors a wedding that they can look back and feel love and support, not fear.’


‘We, at Steller Hair Company, love people.

We love our clients.

Steller Hair has the honor of hosting this wedding.

This wedding is a statement of love, not politics.

One thing that we can all relate to as humans, nothing is guaranteed in life.

Tomorrow is never a promise, it is always a gift.

So why wait to do what we feel in our gut/soul/heart/mind is right and true?

We live in a world of uncertainty.

We live in a life of uncertainty.

We live in a body of uncertainty.

I am so thankful to live in a city where when someone is struggling, we rise up and help.

Thank you Minneapolis!

We are not supporting this wedding because we pity this couple, we are contributing because we value our people. We value love. We value community.

Cheers to love!’



Amazing Participating Vendors (that donated their time, talent and goods to this deserving couple):

Venue/HMUA/Planning : Steller Hair Company | Officiant: Nora McInery  | Beer: Fulton Brewery | Popsicles: Jonny Pops | Reception: Pizza Nea | Photographer: Empiria Studios | Videographer/Live Feed: Metro Connections | Rings: Kelsy Lee- Karol | Paper Goods: Maker of Rad Design | Stylist/Boutique/Personal Shopper: Arc Value Village | Florals: Foxglove Market and Studio | Popcorn: Maddy and Maize | Nail Care: Frenchies Nail Care | Music/DJ: Minnesota Wedding Party | Rentals (Chairs/Tables/Glassware): Sibella Events

Special thanks to our ethical fashion friends at Hazel and Rose for sharing this story, for us to find!

Weddings That Give Back: Jay & Josefina – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Imagine for a moment you’re in a coffee shop waiting to meet with a new friend. She walks in with a huge smile on her face and the most joyful spirit, guaranteed to uplift even the darkest of rooms. We hug and proceed to the counter to order our drinks and as the barista requests her name she says ‘Fina, short for Jose-fina’ (with a bit of suave Spanish emphasis). It quickly dawns on you that you have been pronouncing her name wrong, in your head, this whole time and you apologize and inquire further about her background. She says, ‘I’m Dominican’ and then the most serendipitously, fate ordained magic happens, we become the closest of close friends in matter of a ten minute introduction! It turns out Josefina was not only from Dominican Republic, but also served as a translator/missionary for one of the organizations that I’ve worked closely with, over the past few years. On top of her heart to connect others with the needs and opportunities of her native country, she is incredibly talented and owns Love Offering, a custom hand lettering business. She also teaches her rad skills and utilized her hand lettering classes to empower others to uplift their community with their words.
I am so honored to call this woman my friend and equally inspired by her amazing marriage to Jay. This couple not only shares their love with others in HUGE ways, but you can see how much they are loved by their friends and family in the images below. They are a great example of fostering a community of loving kindness!  I recently asked her if she would like to share about her wedding on Black Sheep Bride, and the following is her heartfelt responses to one of the best days of her life.
BSB: What made you choose to return to the DR for your wedding? Josefina: Dominican Republic holds a very special place in my heart. I am a first generation citizen. Both of my parents were born in the Dominican Republic. My mom has received her citizenship, but, my dad is an immigrant. Though I was born in New York, I was raised in the DR until I was about seven years old. During the time we moved back to America we would go back every summer, to be with our family. I returned to the Dominican Republic when I was twenty years old. During that time I wasn’t “just visiting family;” I was getting to know my country in a very different way. I was serving my people in an organization called SCORE. I translated for groups that would come on Mission Trips, and was highly involved in the orphanages and a Women’s Trafficking Outreach called Lily’s House {BSB has featured our trip to the Lily House in the past}. As I learned about the history, and saw the need in my country, the passion grew so much bigger. When Jay and I had to choose our destination I didn’t think twice about the Dominican. My dad was there, my family was there, and huge piece of my heart was in meeting him there.
 10982503_10204090067800130_5039556018005722089_n 11233177_10205449915275467_751191078723104869_n10421349_10205450107240266_6453701077193370696_n10568864_10205450095719978_6913195568775209328_n  11988459_10205450047998785_2127013373768393774_n11430089_10205450107480272_1371353908110068935_n
BSB: What do you guys do to give back, as a couple ?
Josefina: Well, Jay is a youth pastor at Centerpoint Church, in Tampa, FL. As a couple we dedicate our time to the next generation. We live to serve our students, and to encourage the college students.
Our heart beat is for the broken. In fact, that was one of the things that attracted us to each other. The love for the hopeless, helpless, and unity. Love Offering was created with Love, after the passing of my great grandmother, I started to pursue lettering with intention and purpose.
I started teaching workshops back in 2016, and for every class we have a community project in which we practice what we have learned and create greeting cards to encourage our locals; whether it be the Tampa Police Department or Children’s Home.
 1525150_10204090063160014_565341030417711607_n    10991129_10204090044479547_5258038856232029780_n
(Josefina face timing with her Dad, who was bed-ridden for the wedding)
10997405_10204629205998248_1165575519185305695_n  11954652_10205450094119938_190392010285887410_n11954816_10205450088639801_1023251037069522878_n  11935058_10205450100520098_460956733552269752_n 10424267_10205450101160114_7591912300970464953_n   10443501_10204090050319693_6545198545938740875_n  11182056_10204629197838044_1640226155009646661_n 10701_10204090070960209_3232688145711240804_n  11990394_10205450023318168_6932230640092764412_n11018613_10204324012728607_4651048406749092709_n11150770_10205450103760179_126276029355302214_n  11949458_10205450029478322_5483346696444937217_n 11988357_10205450025118213_8234853997448585685_n11233771_10204629207678290_6269875949920311333_n11986395_10205450105840231_5433866660773914919_n12002810_10205450105520223_4986244712418131898_n10689885_10204090063840031_3568615224069215660_n 10177969_10204324017048715_6301434922674636114_n
BSB: What organizations are you currently supporting ?
Josefina: We are currently connected with a local Non-Profit, Non-Denominational Christian Organization committed to the restoration of vulnerable women involved in the sex industry.10407435_10204629220278605_4473142892524083035_n 10945772_10204021777572917_8525402804205546026_n  10959566_10204021785333111_6409105632869506759_n    12002759_10205449986797255_591555612471017059_n  11954577_10205449989357319_2180660087104630072_n1520674_10204366630234018_8805823595756455189_n
Photography : Bird On A Wire Photography | Venue/Accomodations/ Catering/ Florals/ HMUA: Dreams Punta Cana  | HandLettering: Love Offering

Weddings that Give Back: Natasha and Alexander- St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Today’s Weddings That Give Back feature is one for the nostalgic destination wedding record books. Full of Jamaican voluntourism, supporting local farms, businesses and artisans, sustainable intentionality, this couple truly embraced their wedding day as an opportunity to serve those that have inspired their lives greatest!


Alex’s mother grew up in Jamaica, and Natasha’s family traveled to Jamaica frequently and she even studied abroad there. After their summer living in the parish of St. Elizabeth on the South Coast together, and working at BRED’s Treasure Beach nonprofit foundation, this place in Jamaica was forever sacred in their hearts.

dscn2661_27937538083_o - Photo Credit- Betsy Basset E9ram91610004

The couple and their family and friends stayed at Jakes Hotel, Spa and Villas throughout the week leading up to their wedding. The hotel is known for its funding of the BRED’s Treasure Beach Foundation (where Natasha previously worked), and its focus is  devoted to improving the community. In lieu of gifts, the couple asked for donations to BRED’s. Volunteering was also a major facet of the wedding. Family and friends spent some time painting schools and coaching sports to the children of the Treasure Beach community, as part of the BRED’s foundation. They had a full week itinerary with optional activities for guests (a trip to YS falls, a boat trip to Pelican Bar, lunch at a local jerk hut, bike tours, etc.)

Photo Jul 01, 1 15 02 PM Photo Jul 01, 1 34 20 PM IMG_2992 - Photo Credit- Betsy Basset IMG_2996 - Photo Credit- Betsy BassetIMG_5163-189

They also had gift baskets for all the wedding guests, with goodies curated and sourced by local business owners and artisans.

Photo Jun 28, 9 48 57 AM Photo Jun 28, 9 49 24 AM

Alex went on an epic beach walk with his friends to find the branches that they built into the hoopah. They made the big wooden piece that has their initials carved into it with seashells they found on the beach-this was a total surprise! (It’s now hanging in their Brooklyn bedroom.) All the jewelry Natasha wore and gave to the women in the wedding was made by Veronique, a local artist making amazing pieces from natural elements she finds in Treasure Beach.

DSC_4042 - Photo Credit- Betsy Basset DSC_4115 - Photo Credit- Betsy Basset   DSCN3181 DSCN3194      IMG_4630-82 - Photo Credit- Daniel Sharp IMG_4644-96 IMG_4646-98   88670006 - Photo Credit- Daniel Holzman 88680012 dscn2856_28553174375_o - Photo Credit- Betsy BassetIMG_3872-48 88700001

All the kids in the wedding went to the local boutique store Callaloo, where they all picked outfits to wear for the wedding. The table cloths were also made from West African fabric the couple found in NYC, their friend sewed it together, and they brought it all the way to Jamaica.

IMG_4736-188 - Photo Credit- Daniel Sharp IMG_4895-347 IMG_4337-161IMG_4920-372

Venue | Food | Florals: Jake’s Hotel, Spa and Villas  | Videographer : JussBuss TV | Jewelry : Veronique | Kid’s Clothing: Callaloo | Photography : Crowd sourced