Off Grid Adventure: Elaine & Kaleb-South Island, New Zealand

As we’re dwindling down in our National Park Week Festivities this week, there are a few fun extras we wanted wanted to share with you. We wanted to highlight not only the weddings in national parks, but the couples that valued going off grid and into nature… so when we saw this video shared on Elaine’s (of KEJ Productions) FB this week, we knew it needed to be shared! However this a few bazillion miles away from an American National Park, we bent the rules for this share, because …. Just look at this glorious natural EARTH wonderfulness! Do you not agree!?

BSB asked Elaine one question: Why? Why was this trip across the globe and off-grid so important to her marriage!? Here was her reply:

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‘Oh gosh. I think so many people live through life wishing they could do a or b. Since Kaleb and I got married we decided we weren’t just going to “wish” but “do”. So we aggressively saved the money and traveled to New Zealand, and it was worth every sacrifice. We were in NZ for almost a month and for 17 days we lived in a motorhome – being off the grid was the most refreshing thing we’ve ever done. It was a true vacation and definitely revealed what we value most and what we do not. We didn’t miss a single thing except our family and cat. Lol. When we got home, we minimalised our possessions immediately.’

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Videography/Photography: KEJ Productions | Motorhome Rental Company: Wilderness Motorhomes NZ

Going Green with Zass Design, Upcycled Jewelry for Every Occasion

Name one color that doesn’t literally represent it’s shade? The answer is: GREEN!
Images by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring Summer
Being ‘Green’ means so much more than the shade itself, it means wasting-less, and being intentional with our consumerism and how it impacts our environment. With today being St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it would be the perfect day to introduce you to an amazingly GREEN company called Zass Design we met last fall, in Raleigh, NC (thanks to our BSB Vendor, Images by Amber Robinson). They make a wide variety of upcycled jewelry from discarded trash, aluminum cans, magazines, vinyl records, and other sources. My personal favorite from their collection are the Wedding Invitation Studs, made from your Big Day’s paper goods!
Images by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring Summer
Their philosophy in every creation is to respect the environment and the fundamental principles of eco-design: reduce, reuse, recycle. Every piece has a history, a starting point. Each piece is individual with a unique past, present and a future story of its own.
Images by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring SummerImages by Amber Robinson | Zass Spring Summer
Participating Vendors:
(BSB Vendor) Photography: Images by Amber Robinson
Recycled jewelry: Zass Design
Location: Zartiques
Makeup: Frontrow Cosmetics (Cruelty Free- Vegan)

Sustainably Stylized Wedding Inspiration: Louisville Water Tower, KY

During the spring and summer months in Louisville, the Ohio River serves as a riverfront communal playground. Families can be found relaxing on boats, taking long strolls along the sandy banks, and collecting sea glass and driftwood, as momentos. In honor of Louisville Water Tower Park, the historic landmark that ties past and present history all together, Design in Mind Events pulled together a team of 19 talented vendors to style a tranquil yet romantic wedding theme around water. The color scheme of blues (cornflower blue, light blue and serenity blue) brought to view the natural beauty of the celebration and the habitat surrounding the venue. With these items in mind, it made sense to design tall sails, as well as, incorporate sea glass and driftwood to showcase the water theme. There were also some subtle visual ties such as the bride’s hairstyle to signify waves of water, a pageant bouquet to represent the doric column of the tower and the off-centered cake to emulate the spiral staircase.
Eco-friendly elements also played an important role in this styled shoot. To offset the use of flowers, Design in Mind Events incorporated plants and paper water lilies made by Papillon Originals. The hemp silk bridal gown was designed by Elizabeth Crum of Evenweave Bridal, wedding bands by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, vintage dishes by The Southern Soiree, furniture by Once Borrowed Vintage, cake made with local ingredients by Flour de lis Bakery and last but not least, Louisville Pure Tap — promoting clean tap water versus the purchase of bottled water for any event large or small. Louisville Water Tower Park is a true gem in Kentucky’s history and an exceptional event venue to celebrate your own BIG moments in life, while also supporting local historical landmarks and clean water initiatives in the Louisville community!

PhotoLulu_0Z8A3969 PhotoLulu_0Z8A1651   PhotoLulu_0Z8A23412 PhotoLulu_0Z8A23611 PhotoLulu_0Z8A1986 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2098 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3559 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3624 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3666 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3690 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3734 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3820  PhotoLulu_0Z8A3925 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3938   PhotoLulu_0Z8A4163  PhotoLulu_0Z8A4198 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2244 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2248 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2272 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2389 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2461 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2612 PhotoLulu_0Z8A2747  PhotoLulu_0Z8A3011 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3096 PhotoLulu_0Z8A3323 PhotoLulu_0Z8A4804PhotoLulu_0Z8A4237 PhotoLulu_0Z8A4268  PhotoLulu_0Z8A5005 PhotoLulu_0Z8A5206 PhotoLulu_0Z8A5270


Participating Vendors:

Photographer:  Photo Lulu//Invitation Designer: Coulter Creative Design//Event Designer: Design in Mind Events//Officiant: Dr David Huddleston//Linens and Coverings: Events LLC//Dress Designer: Evenweave Bridal//Equipment Rentals: Fifty Chairs //Bakery: Flour de lis Bakery//Hair Stylist: Hair Bar//Apparel: Handmade by Peake//Other: Louisville Pure Tap//Event Venue: Louisville Water Tower Park//Ring Designer: Naturaleza Organic Jewelry//Design and Decor: Once Borrowed Vintage//Paper Props: Papillon Originals//Professional: Photo Lulu Photography//Groomsman Attire: Shirts, Ties N Links//Jewelry:Studio Genevieve//Makeup Artist: The Beauty Patrol//Other: The Southern Soiree//

Vendors that Give Back: Charity Wedding to Deserving Couple, Minneapolis, MN

Gary and Kanika were at Steller Hair Company, getting their hair done, a week ago. As Katie, owner of Steller Hair Company, gave Gary a beard trim, he told her of the couple’s fears and what they wanted to do. They originally planned to travel to India and have their wedding, alongside their family, but those plans were derailed and they decided to act faster than expected. Due to the uncertainties with immigration, Gary and Kanika decided they didn’t want to risk waiting to get married, and why wait? Katie immediately said, we will have your wedding here, and we will plan it for you.



Katie then put a post on her personal Facebook seeing if anyone would be interested in helping her plan this special day (in 5 days!).  ‘Within 48 hours, and hundreds of messages, Steller Hair Company is proud to partner with these amazing businesses/people to give our neighbors a wedding that they can look back and feel love and support, not fear.’


‘We, at Steller Hair Company, love people.

We love our clients.

Steller Hair has the honor of hosting this wedding.

This wedding is a statement of love, not politics.

One thing that we can all relate to as humans, nothing is guaranteed in life.

Tomorrow is never a promise, it is always a gift.

So why wait to do what we feel in our gut/soul/heart/mind is right and true?

We live in a world of uncertainty.

We live in a life of uncertainty.

We live in a body of uncertainty.

I am so thankful to live in a city where when someone is struggling, we rise up and help.

Thank you Minneapolis!

We are not supporting this wedding because we pity this couple, we are contributing because we value our people. We value love. We value community.

Cheers to love!’



Amazing Participating Vendors (that donated their time, talent and goods to this deserving couple):

Venue/HMUA/Planning : Steller Hair Company | Officiant: Nora McInery  | Beer: Fulton Brewery | Popsicles: Jonny Pops | Reception: Pizza Nea | Photographer: Empiria Studios | Videographer/Live Feed: Metro Connections | Rings: Kelsy Lee- Karol | Paper Goods: Maker of Rad Design | Stylist/Boutique/Personal Shopper: Arc Value Village | Florals: Foxglove Market and Studio | Popcorn: Maddy and Maize | Nail Care: Frenchies Nail Care | Music/DJ: Minnesota Wedding Party | Rentals (Chairs/Tables/Glassware): Sibella Events

Special thanks to our ethical fashion friends at Hazel and Rose for sharing this story, for us to find!

Sustainably Stylized Wedding Inspiration Shoot: 801 Main Street, Lakeland, FL

Spring is right around the corner, friends! We wanted to take a moment to highlight a recent boho-centric, sustainably stylized, wedding inspiration shoot, put together by some amazing vendors that give back, based in Central Florida! Each vendor incorporated sustainability or giving back into this stylized shoot’s vision or is actively involved in their communities. Read about how each participating vendor gives back and/or shows value in sustainability and helping others.

View More:

Amber Veatch (Amber Vetch Designs & Set RentalsFlorals and Design) : 
‘I volunteer through the Junior League of Tampa. I visit Eckerd Readiness Academy once a month with a group of other Junior League members and teach foster teens proper nutrition and health. These are kids who are working toward their GED and career goals, as they will soon be aging out of the foster care system. I also volunteer at my daughter’s elementary school and regularly look for ways to use my talents to give back to our community. I was excited to use the space at 801, because it encourages community involvement and supporting local goods by selling them in their store.’ *Editor Note: Amber is actively involved in the local wedding community and has donated her time, talents and goods in the past to BSB’s Wedding World Changer Charity Wedding.
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Samantha Dahlberg (Samantha Lee Photography) : 
‘Giving back is something that I have always been passionate about, but to be honest I have been less active than I would like to admit. But, coming in 2017 that is going to change for the better. I will be using photography, to bring memories and photographs to families struggling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This disease has hit my family hard the last couple of years, and I finally realized I can do something to make a difference to the families. My goal is to donate a family session to at least one family a month, to families who are going through the same struggle. My hope is to capture these families with their loved one, before they are no longer themselves. To give them photographs to look back on, so they are able to remember the good times. But I am turning this into a group, and am creating a Facebook group “The Memory Keepers”  for photographers and other creatives to come together and donate their talents to families affected by other diseases that are close to they hearts. A sort-of “home base” for us to share our stories and encourage one-another to give back and use what we do to make a difference. I am also very passionate about using natural light. Not only does it showcase the natural environment around us, but it uses less energy. I love taking my clients to parks, fields, greenery, and all places natural. It’s therapeutic and a great way to bring my clients back to nature, and it’s also what sparked my love for photography in the first place.’
View More: More:
801 E Main St. is a multi dimensional haven from the mundane side of life. Come experience it yourselves and then share it with the ones you love. 801 E. Main, The Poor Porker and the Corner Store provide a multi-function space, with beignets, coffee, local and artisan made goodies and just plain awesomeness. They have a huge passion for connecting the local community with Lakeland based business owners and upcycling their way into greatness.

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Alicia Rohan (A&P Design:
‘We are a letterpress company that each invitation is printed on our 100 year old antique printing press. It uses no energy and is foot & hand fed. We always print on 100% cotton paper stock which is tree free. Our inks are all soy based. We recycle all old letterpress plates & paper scraps.
We also give back throughout the year to local charities, our church and various foundations we are lucky enough to print for.
Corkskin is one of the most unique papers on the market today. Corkskin is handmade in Portugal and is a versatile, naturally water-resistant sheet with a multitude of applications. Additionally, corkskin is environmentally friendly as only the outer layer of tree bark is used and the tree is not cut down, but left to grow a new outer bark over and over again.’

View More: (Malindy Elene:

‘The gown was designed by Anna Campbell Bridal! She is based out of Australia and has always had a goal to source local and provide ethical fabrics for her garments.  The lace on the gown is hand designed by Anna and then made locally with a small local company in Australia. Her gowns are not mass produced but are made by a small team of women who work in her studio in Australia. No mass production (or poor labor standards) here!  The same goes for her beading on the gown.  We love our designers that are conscious of where and who is involved in the production of their products and are proud of include Anna Campbell in that group!’ *Editor Note: Malindy Elene Couture is actively involved in the local wedding community and has donated several gowns to various charity organizations. BSB has personally received multiple donated gowns from Megan that were sent to Dominican Republic, for a mass charity wedding of over 20 couples. Thank you for all you do, Megan!
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Participating Vendors:
(BSB Vendor) Design & Florals: Amber Vetch Designs | (BSB Vendor) Rentals: Set Rentals |Photography: Samantha Lee Photography | Venue: 801 E. Main | Beignets: Poor Porker | Invitation Suite/Paper Goods: A&P Design | Bridal Boutique: Malindy Elene | Gown Designer: Anna Campbell Bridal | Hair and Makeup: Style Hair and Makeup | Models: Elizabeth Dugan and Tyler Ammons