Proposal with Purpose: Andrew and Miki- Hudson Valley, NY

When two socially conscious entrepreneurs fall in love… they go HARD! I just love the sweet intention and community-minded thoughtfulness that went into this surprise proposal, one of the many perks of owning a crowd sourcing, tributary, video montage platform, I suppose!
On August 20th, Andrew instructed 30 of their favorite people to show up at his house in Brooklyn wearing white, then he bussed them all up to a house in the Hudson Valley to propose to his amazing girlfriend, Miki. See for yourself…

With all their loved ones gathered around Andrew and Miki committed their love to each other and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what socially conscious wedding plans are in store for their future!

Andrew founded Tribute, a social video platform. A Tribute is “ the most meaningful gift on Earth.” It is a video montage of friends and family sharing their gratitude for someone they want to celebrate. Our collaborative video technology makes it easy to invite friends, collect videos and compile the final video.

Tribute started as a simple gift from Miki to Andrew. Miki sent an email to 20 of Andrew’s friends and asked them to send her a video telling him why they loved him. The result was a 20-minute video montage that brought Andrew to tears. After hearing how difficult it was for Miki to create the video, Andrew had the light bulb moment, “it shouldn’t be this hard to create the most meaningful gift on earth.” Tribute was born and we set off on our mission to spread gratitude around the globe.
Miki is the founder of both Tushy and Thinx, two amazing socially conscious start-up companies devoted to the hush-hush, dare I say ‘naughty,’ areas of our daily lives. Thinx offers high quality undies that absorb your period and every purchase also helps girls in developing countries. is bringing us out of the dark ages, and revolutionizing the way we look at bidets. They are also helping save trees, water, the environment and our overall health along the way.
dsc_3422 (Photography : Bridget Collins)
I love what Andrew has to say about their wedding vision: ‘We are both social entrepreneurs and create with the purpose of helping people and advancing humanity in a positive way. We create conscious products and we want to consume them…so naturally, our wedding will be an extension of that mindset.’
 For more information about their amazing businesses, visit their websites here: TushyThinx or Tribute. Photo credits: Bridget Collins

Sustainable Bridal Style Inspiration : Alt Beauty via Sandra Chile

We love the positive response that has come from a recent bridal session with one of our BSB Vendor, Sandra Chile. Her heart to challenge the status quo, giving back and empower others around her can not be measured by words alone! She had this idea to bring awareness to all forms of beauty and came to the vision for this magical bridal session, with Vida Mechelle. Since she initially shared this shoot, it has been featured on over 4 publications, across the globe, including Huffington Post! BSB couldn’t be prouder of you Sandra! Here is what she had to share:


‘In a society lead by fitness maniacs, diet pills and shakes, plastic surgery obsessions, and extensive emphasis on corrective makeup (hello contouring) ; we have been told that the value of each individual relies strictly on the looks, with absurd standards imposed by an unrealistic media.’ 

SCP_6399 SCP_6380

‘As a wedding photographer, I am always faced with the need to digitally “perfect” the human body. A body that is already perfect in its nature.

I am one of the very few photographers who does not offer retouching services, not because I can’t, but because I believe what makes people pretty is who they are, and how they embrace candid life (not how smooth their skin is, how white their teeth can be, nor how many stretch marks they “don’t” have).’


‘Since she was 8 years young, Megan has suffered from Alopecia Areata Universalis, a condition that affects her along with 6.6 million Americans, which makes her hairless.

However, Megan is beautiful, and she has tried since a young age to open the door to the modeling industry, an industry that has the door only halfway open to her.’  


‘Until the day I photographed Megan, she had never posed without her wig, but the beautiful dresses and accessories of Kata Banko Couture, the amazing flowers of Sapphire & Lace and the support and talent of Mashaida Tran from Anywhere and Somewhere Photography convinced Megan to embrace her beauty “boldly”, and to scream out to a world that sees hair as a beauty statement, that ANYONE can be gorgeous!’ SCP_6418

‘It was a special and memorable day. Not because it was the hotest day of the year, nor because it rained or stormed on us. It was a memorable day because this beautiful lady decided, for the first time ever, to put her insecurities aside and become vulnerable in front of my camera. She is one of the 6.6 million Americans that live with Alopecia, a condition that makes her bald.’

SCP_6425  SCP_6444

‘And I would like to personally dedicate these pictures to all the girls struggling with their image. Whether it is weight, height, acne, skin, hair or anything else: You are beautifully perfect!’

SCP_6453 SCP_6458   SCP_6494----1 SCP_6506 SCP_6508

Participating Vendors:

Photo: | Dress: Kata Banko Couture | Model: Vida Mechelle | Headpiece crown: Anywhere and Somewhere Photography | Florist: Sapphire & Lace

‘Fall’ in Love with Your Partner’s Kindness First: Bri & Chris, PNW Engagement

When I first read this couple’s story below, I was touched. Then I looked at the photos by Eleven Eleven Films and Photography and I was moved, captivated and inspired, for so many reasons, see for yourself.


‘Chris and Bri met on a hike. She was hiking with her friends and twisted her ankle and Chris happened to be hiking close by to see her fall. He helped her walk the 3 miles down the mountain, and the two hit it off. Now, hiking is one of their favorite things to do together even after that rocky start, and they wanted their engagement session to showcase the great outdoors.’


Black Sheep Bride may be a ‘wedding blog’ for all practical purposes, however we are far more inspired by relationships led with passion, sacrifice and giving back. We could care LESS about your wedding decorations and more about your intentional core foundation, as soon-to-be newlyweds!

Love can be hard, it can be messy, and even hurt sometimes, but that’s why it’s called love… Strong love can only be fostered when we are willing to roll with the punches, get dirty, give with all your soul, embrace each moment, and improvise along the way! This engagement session couldn’t better embody all of the characteristics we should strive for in life: To live with undetering Imperfectly Perfect Love!

Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris22 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris25 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris27 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris28  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris32  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris36  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris45 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris47  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris56  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris64 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris67 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris73 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris80  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris99Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris96  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris121  Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris131 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris136     Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris145 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris158 Goux_Schindele_Eleveneleven_Films_and_Photography_BriChris165

Thanks to ElevenEleven Films and Photography for sharing and capturing their story for us all to be inspired by!

Sustainable Stylized Shoot: Eco-Friendly, Garden Wedding Inspiration – Tampa, FL

In a setting as beautiful as an outdoor venue in Florida, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Natural greens from area foliage and silvery-blues found in local airplants were the perfect colors for this stylized shoot, which also incorporated a pop of bright Florida orange.


Christi Winsor of Winsor Event Studio set out to create a wedding concept that incorporated sustainable and environmentally-friendly elements. “You can have an eco-conscious wedding and have it still be beautiful!”Everything was put to the test of ‘how can this be greener?’, which inspired details like the reclaimed wood tables, potted plants, recycled glass, compostible dinnerware, eco-fabric dresses made from silk and linen, and even a natural cork all-in-one invitation (with email RSVP requested to save even more paper)!


The bride wore a natural silk gown with a side-swept chignon adorned with a natural airplant. The bridesmaid dress from MSSP was a stunning shade of eucalyptus blue and made of 100% linen!


More airplants from a nearby walking trail, along with eucalyptus and succulents comprised the cloudy blue and green hued bouquets, which paired beautifully with the twine-wrapped herb boutonnieres.

__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1009  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1019 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1022

Gentlemen looked dapper in their wool pants and cotton shirts and bow ties (all eco-friendly fabric selections).


The suspended silk draping accented with a swag of burlap beautifully framed the waterfront view for the ceremony. The aisle was lined with potted herbs and flowers, and repurposed in the vast wood planter box on the reception table to create the centerpieces. Live potted plants are a great alternative to cut flowers for an eco-conscious bride, because they live on long after the wedding day when sent home with guests or used in the couple’s home or garden!   __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1184

A display of unpolished stones atop a sheet of lush moss directed guests to their tables. The unassuming metal table was so lovely it needed no linen, and was simply dressed with a few macramé vases and recycled glass jugs filled with floral cut right from the garden venue.__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1143__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1144 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1350 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1375 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1376 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1340

Local Florida oranges studded with wood menu tags popped next to the charming blue patterned cotton napkins and an Italian blown-glass pitcher made for a unique table number.


The farm style dining table was created using reclaimed wood with a wash of mint paint from a previous life; a perfect compliment to the sage retro metal sweetheart chairs. Cork place mats grounded the palm-leaf plates and recycled glass tumblers.


__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1467  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1485__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1002   __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1064  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1086

For dinner, guests would enjoy an organic pizza truck with personal pies constructed from natural dough, sauce, and home-grown herbs, and then wood-fired on site! All topped off with assorted cupcakes in unique flavors like Florida orange marmalade, blueberry lavender cheesecake, and lemongrass basil!

__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1174__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1227__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1151 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1202

In true Florida fashion, a beverage dispenser offered mimosas made with fresh Florida orange juice and organic sparkling wine, served in recycled glass tumblers with compostable straws.

__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1155    __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1222  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1306  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1384 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1421

Everything was either local, sustainable, or recycled/repurposed! The result was truly incredible, with a Florida eco-chic style that would appeal to any couple!__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1625

Event Planner: Winsor Event Studio | Photographer:   Life Long Studios | (BSB Vendor) Makeup Artist: Michele Renee Hair and Makeup Artist Group (BSB Vendor) Equipment Rentals: WISH Vintage Rentals  | Apparel: Isabel O’Neil Bridal CollectionBakery: Sugar Darlings Cones and Cupcakes | Floral Designer: Braun’s Fine Flowers | Reception Venue: Davis Islands Garden Club | DJ: Universal Music Entertainment | Food Truck: Secret Stash | Dinnerware/Flatware/Straws: Susty Party


Giving Back Themed Engagement Session: Bethany + Philip, Hampton, GA

Giving Back is the theme of this styled engagement session. The Real engaged couple Bethany & Philip was chosen after entering into a contest for a FREE styled session at McCrite’s Cottonwood Estate.


Bethany & Philip found each other in the Army while attending Leadership school. Philip is still in the Army & Bethany is currently in school to become a teacher. Philip proposed to Bethany on top of Stone Mountain after a long climb to the top.

__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2096 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1826  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1831

With the help and collaboration of McCrite’s Cottonwood Estate,  Kanella Brown Photography, Three Strands 412, Bailey Grace Boutique, Lion’s Thread , Hair & Makeup by Chelsea Lauren Hair and Makeup, bvPottery, and setup/design of Tori McCrite with Alex Swinney Weddings this giving back styled session was more than just a free engagement session. Included in the giving back are the vendors themselves who also give back to the community and also globally.

__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP20912__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP20932__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1675 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1676  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2099 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2104

The handmade pottery from bvPottery gives back to BeLoved Atlanta, a transition home for women coming out of the sex-trafficking industry in Atlanta Ga.__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2108 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2113 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2118

The beautiful necklaces and earrings worn by Bethany from Three Strands 412 donates 10% of their profits to various local ministries in McDonough Ga.__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2120 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2121 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2122 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2128 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2131 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2132 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2133 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2134 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2140 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2144 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2146 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2148 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2152 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2158 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2159  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2176 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP16853 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP16913 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17043 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17143

The ties worn by Philip in the pictures are from Lion’s Thread, a nonprofit that employs Ugandan women and gives back to a small village in Uganda to help their economy.__Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17213 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17383 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17393 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP17452 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP18762 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP18802  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP19032 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP19132  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP19492  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1938  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1948 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP1989 __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP2021edited1  __Kanella_Brown_Photography_KBP20822ready

Participating Vendors:

Photographer:  Kanella Brown Photography | Event Designer: Alex Swinney Weddings | Apparel: Bailey Grace Boutique | DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: bvPottery | Beauty: Chelsea Lauren Hair and Makeup | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Lion’s Thread  | Floral Designer: Sheridan’s Designs | Jewelry: Three Strands 412 | Event Venue: McCrite’s Cottonwood Estate