Sustainable Wedding Fashion for All Sizes: Rebecca Schoneveld- New York City, NY

Ever heard of Rebecca Schoneveld in Brooklyn?

Of course, you have!

WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-51 copy

What started as an Etsy shop in 2010 has now blossomed into a nationwide brand with collections available across the country and at their flagship store in Brooklyn, NY.  For those of you who are lucky enough to visit Brooklyn and make it to the Schone Bride flagship store, they offer a very unique and exclusive custom gown experience.  Close to 80% of the flagship wedding clients select a custom Rebecca Schoneveld gown that is one of a kind.  Schone Bride loves encouraging the creative minds of their wedding clients and allows them to be a part of the “dress design” experience.  You can change a color, match the top of one gown with the skirt of another, add a sleeve, raise a neckline, as long as the “laws of gown making” say it can be done, Rebecca Schoneveld’s team will say ‘Absolutely’!

Schone Bride has the honor of dressing a diverse group of wedding design clients and they are proud of that, as are we. They focus on heirloom quality fabrics and fits that work on a wide range of body types to highlight the unique beauty of the diverse women who wear their gowns. Schone Bride offers sizing from 00-30, and unlike many other wedding design and clothing brands, they do not apply surcharges for a dress being a different size.  From body shape to background, culture, gender, age, and religion, they celebrate each individual who walks through their doors.

The majority of Rebecca Schoneveld gowns are produced in Gowanus Brooklyn, right down the street from our flagship store Schone Bride.  We believe in keeping the “New York Atelier” tradition alive and well. Take a peek at their latest collection below.

Rebecca Schoneveld is a National BSB Partner and we are forever grateful for her support and alignment in our mission to give back and waste less! 

WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-23 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-42   WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-99 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-136 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-145 copy WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-151 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-216 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-244 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-269 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-298 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-343 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-350 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-450 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-462

Photographer: Katherine Marchand | Wild Scout Photo Co.

Model: Krista Mays

Dresses: Rebecca Schoneveld

Accessories: Lulu Frost // Eugenie Bee

Rings: Digby and Iona

Florals: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide List for BSB Couples

We’re often been asked for recommendations for planning guides, magazines, publications that help engaged couples plan INTENTIONAL wedding days. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite wedding planning guides that are sure to help you in your journeys. Our goal is to provide you with all available resources to plan your day without fuss, without wastes, and with BIG PURPOSE.
Below you will find books and magazines that are either 1. Eco-Friendly/Zero Waste Friendly 2. Budget Friendly 3. Everyone Friendly. (Disclosure: Affiliate links included below)
If you’d like to add to this list, please feel free to share your recommendations to for consideration!

“So What Can I Get You for Your Wedding?” via SoKind Bride

“So What Can I Get You for Your Wedding?”  

Written by: Lorelei G. Voorsanger, SoKind Registry User

It should have been a question that filled us with delight and anticipation, but when our friends started to ask us what they could get us as wedding gifts, both Mark’s and my face dropped. “A new salad bowl? Some dishtowels? A set of steak knives?”


You see, we are so rich. And I don’t mean the kind of rich that you might be thinking, with three houses, five cars, and money to burn. Not that kind. But we’re so rich with love and family. And we’re especially rich with stuff. STUFF.

This was the second marriage for both of us, and when we came together to blend families, we looked around and realized we had at least two of everything. Two sets of frying pans, two sets of camping gear, two toasters. Two sons and two… no, wait… THREE daughters. See! We had some to spare! We pared down most things to just one (but kept all the kids), and still, our garage and storage areas were bountifully full.

View More:

Hmmmm…. Could we get away with being stern about our “no gifts” policy? We gave it some thought and decided that either people might think we’re grouchy and not grateful, or they would haul off and get us yet another set of pillowcases (we have 68 pillowcases… no joke) that we really don’t need. We had to find a way to redirect our guests to something that we could feel good about receiving.

That’s where our SoKind registry came in. We brainstormed with the kids about activities that the whole family could feel good about (donations to causes we care about, passes to the local pool so we could all splash around on a hot day, home-cooked meals to give the kids a break from my weird dinners) and a few lovely indulgences for our honeymoon like a massage or bicycle rental or hotel room view upgrade.  Since we didn’t know where or when we would be able to go on our honeymoon, the “credits” to apply toward our romance at a later date were perfect.

It couldn’t have fit our personalities more! We customized our registry to the hilt with a background, funny descriptions, goofy family photos, and creative requests for gifts. The kids showed it to their friends, proud that our family wasn’t asking for fine china, but instead for donations to specific charities.

Then, at our picnic-in-the-park wedding reception, as Mark and I were having a friendly hula hoop competition (I won) and eating our body weight in BBQ and cornbread, we overheard our friends saying: “Did you see their registry??!! It’s HILARIOUS! Here. I have it on my phone, I can show you.” We were delighted and flattered to hear people raving about how creative and fun and thoughtful it was that we put our own spin on the wedding gift tradition.

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And I’m pleased to report that (aside from a cheese grater that stands two feet tall. What is THAT????), we received the most delightful “gifts.”  A piece of artwork made by a friend who had just traveled to Thailand and brought back materials to make a collage, a rum cake, a coupon for a couple’s massage, movie tickets, and many more thoughtful gestures. We didn’t get any more STUFF to clutter up our garage!!!

For more information, visit SoKind Registry.

BSB Vendor Round-Up: UltraViolet Pantone Color of the Year Fav’s

It’s that time of year again, friends! The wedding and design industry patiently awaits the day that Pantone announces ‘the color’ for the following year. The unique color chosen each year has calculated significance and consideration for the current trends and the climate of current society. Last week, they announced the 2018 Pantone Color of The Year would be Ultra Violet! Some people love, some people hate it, but we couldn’t be more excited! Nothing screams earthy, organic, celestial goodness quite like Ultra Violet.

Take a peek, get inspired! Here are some of our vendors favorite Ultra Violet’esque pics and products.


Made in NYC by Vena Amoris Jewelry


Photo: Green Pearl Photography | Florals: Andrea Layne Floral Design


Made in NYC by Vena Amoris Jewelry


Photo: Sandrachile | Flowers: Leaf Hopper Designs


Product: Trades of Hope – Shelby Wright


Photo: Sandrachile | Ultra Violet Hair Extensions: Colton S Delong


Our very own BSB vendor, Chris Wojdak Photography is a walking Ultra Violet Mood Board.


Photo: Sandrachile | Flowers: Leaf Hopper Designs


Photo: Sandrachile | Violet Hand Dyed Veil: Kata Banko Couture


Sweets: POP Goes The Party | Photo: Xtina Photography


Photo: Green Pearl Photography | Flowers: Flowers By Leslie

Thanks to all of our BSB Vendors who participated and shared! May your 2018 be as ULTRA VIOLET as ever!

Vendors That Give Back: MG Hair and Makeup

Fashion. Lights. Makeup. Hairspray. Sometimes fashion shows can seem like the last place to give back, however, there are definitely the exceptions.


Last week MG Hair and Makeup donated their services as a part of Diwali on The Hudson with the Desai Foundation and fashion designer, Payal Singhal, and performed all of the hair and makeup for their runway show.


Both the Desai Foundation and Payal Singhal wanted to partner and create a ready-to-wear line of clothing to help benefit the great work being done to provide vocational training and economic empowerment to women in rural India and the US.


Featured in both Vogue India and Elle India, this event was a unique collaboration of not just monetary contribution but of deep vocational education as various pieces from the collection are also being made by one of the centers in India.


Your purchase can support this amazing foundation and also be a unique piece of fashion from a top fashion designer. For more information about Payal Singhal x Desai Foundation, visit here. Thanks to our amazing vendor, MG Hair and Makeup, for serving and supporting the global community in such HUGE WAYS!