Big Fake Wedding Recap: Houston

The Big Fake Wedding Houston encouraged vendors to give in to their indulgent side with luxurious elements, haute hues, and elegant details. Inspired by glamorous brides, our vendors created designs that were both feminine and totally high fashion. From diamonds to ruffles to sky-high heels, The Big Fake Wedding exemplified what every little girl’s dreams are made of.
The BFW’s stunning bride and groom were the perfect couple for this fashion-forward and luxe event, as they met during a runway tour for Ebony and Jet Magazine. Too sweet!
Photos below courtesy of The Light Company
The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-2 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-4 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-9 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-11 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-12 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-14 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-16 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-18 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-24 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-30 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-35 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-37 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-38 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-43 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-44 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-50 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-58 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-64 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-70 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-72 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-73 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-75 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-77 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-97 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-106 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-128
Photos below courtesy of Kristen Curette Photography
Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0022 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0031 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0044 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0072-Edit Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0074 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0083 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0116 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0155 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0168 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0192 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0214 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0393 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0396 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0420 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0425 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0470 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0477 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0489 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0510 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0525 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0539 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0603-Edit Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0682 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0752 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0809 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0909 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0934 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1055 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1063 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1104 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1106 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1184 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1236 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1264 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1444 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1483 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1550 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-45790
Photos below courtesy of Shutterenvy Photography
 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3935 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3944 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3978 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3995 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4011 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4343 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4354 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4374 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4405 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4407 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4418 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4434


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Special thanks to our BSB vendors, Becki for representing Black Sheep Bride, and Kelsey ( Chloe + Isabel participating vendor ).

Participating Vendors:

Alcohol: Palace Party Beverage | Bridal Party Gifts: Things Remembered | Cake: Edible Moments | Catering: Cafe Natalie | Ceremony Musician: Resonance Chamber Music | Day of Coordination: Events With Heart | Day-of + Creative Services: Thirty Day Dash | Dessert Bar: Get Caked | Donut Bar + Candy Bar: Sugar Bunch Creations | Entertainment: Royal Dukes Band | Event Lighting: House of Letters Houston | Floral + Event Design (Personal Flowers + Tables 9, 10, 11, 12): Ashlye McCormick – Floral.Design.Studio | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Heather Benge Events | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 13, 14, 15, 16): SwaLaRue Events | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Linens: House of Hough | Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty | Menswear: Tailorme | Nails: Essie | Photo Booth: Snapped by Nicole | Photography: The Light Company | Photography: Kristen Curette Photography | Photography: Shutterenvy Photography | Seating Chart: Dove Designs | Wedding and Social Stationery | Slow Motion Photo Booth: The Slow Motion Booth | Specialty Signage: Beau Tied Affair | Spray Tanning: Beautifully Bronzed | Stationery (Invitations + Menu Designs): nine0nine creative | Venue: NOAH’S of Katy | Videography: Addison J Weddings | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge


*Black Sheep Bride has a Publication Partnership with Big Fake Wedding. With that said, not all of the weddings featured from these events specially have a socially conscious theme, the event itself gives back by sending couples in marital crisis on marriage counseling retreats, with a % of their ticket sales. We also list any of our participating Black Sheep Bride Vendors on the top of each event posting.

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