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Groom’s Gifts that Give Back

The Groom’s never get enough attention in the wedding planning process and this month Black Sheep Bride has decided to change that! We are  dedicating our posts, the entire month of November, to all to the wonderful gent’s in our lives! Check out the super cool products for #DudesWhoDoGood! Refer to the links below the image on where to buy this RAD SWAG! grooms gifts
1 Face Cancer Watch, $40. Each 1 Face Watch is dedicated to a specific cause and helps make world change through keeping time!
Proof Sun Glasses Scout Eco, $130. Fun Fact: Proof is the first company to offer a sunglass recycling program and gives 10% of sales back to charity.
Man Can, Memphis Style BBQ, $9.50. Uses Soup Cans to package candles and donates profits to local food kitchens.
Parker Clay Passport Wallet, $48. Artisan based leather accessories sourced in Ethiopia.
Monties Bow Ties, Brown Tweed Wool, Mora, $50. All Monties Bow Ties wood comes from sustainable foresting.

We’ve been Featured on Bridal Rebellion Podcast!

A common response from some of my new friends learning about what Black Sheep Bride is all about is.. ‘Wow! Thats a very disruptive concept for the wedding industry!’ … At first I wasn’t sure how to receive this common reply I was receiving, but then the more I thought about it… the more I realized its true! Black Sheep Bride is pushing the envelope in a new way, It is requiring  a conscious mindset for wedding couples to not just go through the motions of their planning process, but actively be present in their decisions, so they can advocate for others that can’t!  You can imagine my excitement when Kira Hug of Bridal Rebellion emailed me and wanted to interview me for her podcast series, based out of NYC, showcasing the industry’s most disruptive wedding leaders… How FUN! Listen here :



Guest Post: Karissa Barber | 3 Tips to Finding Ethical Bridesmaid Dresses


Bridal fashion is a huge industry with many manufacturers, designers and retailers all trying to tell you, the bride what you should wear and how you should style your bridesmaids. Your wedding is about your style and what you find important. Do you not feel dressed up unless you are wearing heels? Does the idea of a strapless gown make you gag? Do you break out in hives in lace? Ditch all the wedding magazines and fashion suggestions on and think about what you want your day to say about you. Since you are visiting The Black Sheep Bride, it’s safe to assume that you want to give back to the world around you. That is the message you want to send about who you are by the way you plan your wedding. Way to go! One way to give back while still retaining your sense of style is to choose bridesmaid dresses that are eco-friendly and ethical. Ethically sourced online boutiques are all over the Internet and make great fashion AND fair trade available wherever you call home. Say good-bye to the local cookie-cutter bridesmaid dresses and hello to a style that is all your own.   3 tips for finding ethical bridesmaid dresses   1. Buy a fair Trade Dress Typing in a quick Google search with “fair trade” will bring up a lot of options, which is a great thing. It’s exciting to see so many people paying attention to the wages of the artisans, seamstresses and garment factory workers that produce the clothing we put on our backs. Here are a couple of our favorite fair trade options.
  1. Mata Trader
  2. People Tree
  3. Imagine Goods
  4. Nomads
  5. Passion Lilie
_96A9666__13187.1412476081.1280.1280 2. Search for organic cotton or made in the UK/USA Organic or USA/UK are great ways to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Without the use of chemicals to grow the cotton, you are reducing the amount of run-off pollution needed to produce the dresses your bridesmaids will wear. And by purchasing dresses that are made in the USA/UK, you are ensuring that the company is paying their employees equitably. Here are a few USA companies that caught our eye:

1. Dainty Jewell

2. ModCloth

3. EcoSkin

  3. Try gently used bridesmaid dresses Usually worn once for a couple of hours, bridesmaid dresses can have a new life in your wedding. Instead of filling a landfill, you have an opportunity to revive gowns that are finished their first wedding by making them apart of your’s. This is a great environmental choice as well as a budget friendly one, since you are not paying full price. Here are several used bridesmaid dress listings:

1. Tradesy

2. Used Only Once

3. I Do Gowns

There are so many more options out there for sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious fashion. Do a little research before you take the plunge. And ask your bridesmaid for their input! After all, the best bridesmaid dress is the one they will wear again. Happy hunting!   ‘Karissa Barber is an actress turned mother of 4 navigating life’s adventures of adoption, intentional living and the stage. Adopting from the country of Uganda changed her views on how and where her clothing is made. Her passion has become fair trade and eco-friendly fashion on a teacher salary budget. She writes about fair trade fashion, adoption/motherhood and central Florida fun at’

Purpose Jewelry- Handcrafted by Survivors for your Wedding Day.

collagy-01_45c787fe-6e08-493e-8783-2928f0268283_2048x2048 In 2007, International Sanctuary (iSanctuary) was created to address the many needs of the young women of sex trafficking through holistic care and empowerment. The women are placed in mentoring programs, and provided with an education, medical and dental care, scholarships, and micro-loans in order to prepare them for the future. iSanctuary works with survivors in Mumbai, India and Orange County, California, and has served over 300 young women.  In September 2014, International Sanctuary launched Purpose, a fashion jewelry brand that empowers human trafficking survivors through employment and financial stability. Girls and women are able to join healthy workplace communities that empower their transformation from victims to survivors. They are no longer defined by their past abuse as they are now skilled artisans who are building a bright future. iSanctuary provides a safe and loving environment where young women are free to laugh, grow, and be themselves Go to Purpose Jewelry’s Site today and finding the perfect pieces for your wedding day look and help others while you’re at it!   Purpose Jewelry

Sarah and Scott’s Big Day in DC- Weddings that Give Back

We recently connected with a super amazing wedding photographer/human trafficking advocate by the name of Chelsea Hudson, out of the DC Area…. We instantly hit it off and she told us about this amazing wedding couple, she recently photographed, that used vendors that were socially conscious. We of course couldn’t keep it a secret… so here you are! Take a moment to read what the bride had to say below. Thank you Chelsea for being such an amazing part of the Black Sheep Bride family and sharing their story! 2014-10-17_0001 ‘Seeing other people make socially-conscious wedding decisions inspired my husband and I to do the same…. 
We definitely can’t claim that our wedding was fair trade or completely socially conscious…. but we did want to make some simple choices that would do a little good and would reflect who we are. It was also really important for us that the wedding be a community event — not just celebrating us, but also celebrating the community of people who have supported us as a couple and who also have amazing gifts and talents of their own.’2014-10-17_0005
‘We were inspired by the wedding of a friend who used DC Central Kitchen as their caterer. The food was great, at a fraction of the cost of comparable caterers, and has a fabulous mission, which reflects my husband’s passion of identifying effective ways to end homelessness.’ DC Central Kitchen catering branch is called Fresh Start. They train unemployed adults for culinary careers and work to rehabilitate the local DC homeless back into the work place. 2014-10-17_0002 2014-10-17_0007 Chelsea Hudson is a dear friend, the sister-in-law of one of my closest girl friends (and one of my bridesmaids). I had been drooling over her photos for years, and [the fact] that she gives a portion of the photography fees to an organization that you get to pick was icing on the cake! Through Chelsea, we choose to donate to Daughters of Hope India, which provides training and employment to impoverished women. ‘ 2014-10-17_0003 2014-10-17_0006‘Planning a wedding can be really stressful and overwhelming. For us, picking one or two simple things that we could do to “give back” was important and realistic.’2014-10-17_0008 Who wouldn’t want to give back on their wedding day … Really people… Look at the fun they are having! 2014-10-17_0009