10 Ways to SAVE… the world! Weddings that Give Back!

Let us pretend for a moment… that we ALL fall into the average wedding budget category. According to Wedding Stats the average wedding in 2014 cost roughly $28,671… and if you took 10% of that budget and dedicated it to completely selfless awesomeness… that would be $2,867 !! 2014-07-17_0003

Here are some ways to take your 10% and Change the World!

1. 102 orphans could be fed for 30 days. (Dando Amor)

2. 28,000 trees planted (Trees for the future)

3. 10 girls would be able to attend school (Heifer)

4. 1892 meals will be provided to the homeless.

5. 143 people will receive clean water (Let it flow)

6. 5 oncology  family support groups/Dinners (for up to 100 people)  can be organized for children diagnosed with cancer.  (Children’s Cancer Center)

7. 76 children sponsored for one month. (Compassion International)

8. 50 Microloans rewarded to impoverish women to start a business. (Global Giving)

9. 2,867 of Malaria Treated lives saved (malarianomore.org)

10. 11,468 children everywhere will get one meal to eat. (Feeding Children Everywhere)

Isn’t it crazy how such a small number… 10%… can make such a big impact on others! How will you use your 10% of wedding change to make world change?

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